The second day of SEC Media Days is going to be a firecracker – and that’s because Johnny Manziel’s in the house.

The Texas A&M quarterback – together with coach Kevin Sumlin and other players, will be visiting Hoover, Al. (as will cohorts of Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Auburn and Mississippi State), and here’s what we expect everybody to say:

Johnny Manziel: To make some excuse about being dehydrated, ill, and tired as a reason for leaving the Manning camp early. He’ll also say that he made his apologies to all the Mannings, and offered to wash Peyton’s shoes for him. He’ll also say that he’s excited about the 2013 season, but not say anything too lively.

Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M): Will have to keep making excuses for Johnny Manziel’s off-season behaviour. He’ll talk about replacing Luke Joeckel, DeMontre Moore, and Ryan Swope, and he’ll up-talk WR Mike Evans. He’ll also make some comment about the September 14th showdown against Alabama.

Mark Stoops (Kentucky): He’ll talk about life after The Joker was booted out of Kentucky, and how it’s going to differ from life at Florida State.

Dan Mullen (Mississippi State): He’ll talk about the increasing pressure on him to perform – especially after the bowl disaster against Northwestern and getting smashed by Ole Miss. He’ll talk about recruiting, how things are improving, and someone will make some idiot comment about his visor.

Bret Bielema (Arkansas): Where do we start? We expect Bielema to talk about turning around the Razorbacks program, about recruiting, and about how he expects to play SEC offenses. He might talk about his starting QB quandry now Mr WIlson’s gone pro. He will talk about the running game and the offensive line, and make comparisons between the Big Ten – he was previously coach at Wisconsin – and the SEC. He might make a joke, but I doubt it.

Gus Malzahn (Auburn): He’ll talk about the problems Auburn have at quarterback, and whether Kiehl Frazier just needs a bit of Gus to make him the next Cam Newton. He’ll get asked questions about Cam Newton, and leaving Arkansas State for the pressures of Auburn. He’ll be expected to talk about bit about Michael Dyer, and the fact that despite Dyer’s best wishes, he’s not going to play for ‘War Eagle’. He’ll be expected to talk about how great it is to back on the Plains.

Butch Jones (Tennesssee): He’ll talk about recruiting – he’s put together a pretty good one so far for 2014 – and about his starting QBs. He’ll be asked to make nasty comments about Coach Dooley, but he won’t, and he’ll talk enthusiastically about fan involvement.





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