Mike Gundy, behave like a man.

Your young and talented quarterback Wes Lunt decided he didn’t want to play for you anymore, so he handed in a transfer request, which you agreed to.

He looked great for a couple of weeks of Oklahoma State’s 2012 season, then busted his knee. You put in J.T. Walsh in his place after that, and Lunt decided he wanted to go to another school.

No problem there?

OK, so you then got upset that he might go and play for some competition, so you stopped him going to ANY Big-12, Pac-12, or SEC school. Or Southern Mississippi, where your former OC’s now the head coach.

Now why should we, a SEC blog, get involved in a Big XII affair.

First off, it’s actually a little self-centred. We can think of half-a-dozen schools in the SEC that could do with a good quarterback from you, ranging from places even as good as Florida to bottom-feeders like Kentucky, Missouri, and last season’s poor neighbour, Auburn.

Secondly, he’s a kid. You can’t stop a guy playing for his career, and getting the chance to perform. The way Oklahoma State seems to ALWAYS screw things up, you’re not going to a National Championship anytime soon, anyway. So why not let him play somewhere where he’ll be in the public spotlight? Sorry, but Illinois simply isn’t a place where a kid this talented should end up. And do you really think that he’s go to a place like that if you hadn’t blocked him from a better school?

Anyways, grow up and be a man, Mike Gundy.

Mike Gundy is a man. He’s 40 (ish).

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