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Texas A&M drops USC and Oregon from future schedules

It didn’t take long Texas A&M to fit in with the SEC-type of scheduling issue.

Why? Because right now, there’s an outcry for schools to schedule more difficult non-confernence teams in a quest for a National Championship.

And what did Texas A&M do? They cancelled their home-and-home games with USC in 2015-6 and Oregon from 2018-9.

The Aggies explanation is a good one – blame it on the SEC.

During a transition like this (from the Big 12 to the SEC), it’s just been a little more difficult trying to schedule. Hopefully, in time, it will straighten itself out,” said Texas A&M’s AD Eric Hyman to the Houston Chronicle.

Weirdly enough, the move comes just as SEC commissioner Mike Slive was just talking at the scheduling of four lower-grade non-conference games in an effort to lighten up the rigmaroles of the conference schedule.

I don’t want us playing four games that mean less,” Slive said in a press conference. “I made that very clear.

For the 2013 season, Texas A&M’s been given the “SEC’s Easiest Schedule” by SEC Football Blog.

SEC coaches vote to keep eight-game SEC schedule

SEC football coaches have voted 13-1 to stay with an eight-game conference schedule, although it has been noted eventually, this will go up a notch, ESPN has reported.

The one coach who voted against staying with eight games was Alabama’s Nick Saban.

Florida coach Will Muschamp said that it’s going to happen in the future: “Personally, I think we’ll end up moving to nine (conference) games eventually….My personal opinion (is) you create an SEC Network, at the end of the day, it’s going to be driven by the dollar, and having those games is going to be important, and having enough quality games on television promoting a nine-game SEC regular season, in my opinion, will eventually happen.”

The word ‘schedule’ has been quite the topic of discussion at the SEC Media Days in Destin this week. Les Miles is crying out for the SEC to do away with the ‘one permanent’ rival, saying that it favors one school and not another – LSU’s permanent opponent is Florida. Nick Saban said that he wasn’t overly upset having Florida as an opponent – although it must be noted during his four years in Baton Rouge, LSU went 1-3 against the Gators.

Steve Spurrier told a news conference: “One thing I think we all have to realize is that nobody said it’s going to always be fair…We all know last year that Georgia did not play the top three on the Western side — Alabama, LSU or Texas A&M. But a lot of people don’t know that Alabama didn’t play the top three on the Eastern side — us, Florida or Georgia. Those are the two that won the division.”

One thing that is making the tongues waggle is the movement downwards of SEC attendance this year, with students and not-high-profile games getting blamed for the downwards trajectory.

Anyone know a simple solution? We do.


Alabama back-up QB to transfer

Alabama back-up quarterback Philip Ely is to transfer to Toledo, the player said on his Twitter account.

He said: “Ready to make a change in my life for the better and I thank everyone who has supported me through this process. Go Rockets!

He added: “And a special thanks to my former teammates at bama. I love and will miss ya’ll! Goodluck this year and go get number 3!!

The redshirt sophomore obviously doesn’t see a lot of hope of seeing playing time behind current QB AJ McCarron. Aaron Murray and Ely both attended Plant High School in Tampa, FL.

He threw only 4 passes in anger for the Tide last year, completing three of them with a touchdown. That’s pretty good accuracy.

Saban campaigns for extra SEC game

He may be called The Devil, and he may be called a lot of other worse things by college football and Miami Dolphins fans alike, but you can’t fault Nick Saban for campaigning for something that he sees is right.

In 2013, it’s the thought of adding one team to every team’s existing nine-team schedule.

On the Crimson Caravan’s stop in Mobile, he said: “I’m for playing nine conference games; I was the only person that spoke out in favor of it last year…If you increase the size of the league and the number of teams you have in the league then you’ve got to play more games.”

He added at a press conference at the SEC Media Days in Destin, FL. today: “If we all played good teams it would be easier to quantify who the best teams are“. We don’t agree a lot with Saban, but we certainly agree with him on this point.

He also said that a lack of a ninth game would be detrimental to the SEC’s already-falling stadium attendance: “They’ll just stay home and watch it on TV.

This hasn’t been one of the best weeks for the SEC, speaking of attendance: Figures were released before the Memorial Day weekend which showed average SEC attendance fell for the fourth year in a row.

If teams get an extra SEC game, it might see the end of at least one of the FCS schools that SEC schools seems to think it really important to schedule. Saban’s Alabama plays Georgia State and Chattanooga in 2013.

Oh, and he also ensured that he had a barb ready for old foe Urban Meyer, who’s in charge of Ohio State. ESPN college football reporter Brett McMurphy reported that he said: “How many would they have won against those top 6 (in SEC) last year? Would they have won three? I don’t know.”

Ohio State finished 12-0 last year, but didn’t go to a bowl game due to the administration’s decision to forgo a bowl game in 2013 instead of 2012 after ‘Tattoogate’- one that didn’t exactly prove to be a wise one.

Oh, and he also had a barb ready for LSU coach Les Miles, who has been complaining relentlessly about LSU playing Florida year  in, year out. Again, McMurphy on Saban: “When he was at LSU it didn’t bother [me] to play Florida every year.” Saban’s record against Florida? 1-3.

SEC Media Days: Richt suspends Georgia starter

It’s not Spring if a Georgia starter hasn’t been arrested before an important game.

Last year, it was Bacarri Rambo and Alec Ogletree. This year, Georgia coach Mark Richt suspended starting safety Josh Harvey-Clemsons was suspended for marijuana use, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The player was implicated was implicated in an incident involving the use of marijuana in a UGA dorm room on May 15,” the AJC reported.

Also in the mix is sophomore tight end Ty Flournoy-Smith, who was arrested on another charge in February, and had been advised by Coach Richt to transfer, the AJC reported.

BOTTOM LINE: With the loss of Ogletree and Rambo to the pros (amongst other players), Georgia was already going to find it difficult enough against Clemson. Now, the Bulldogs will face Tajh Boyd, Sammy Watkins & Co without a player who had 14 tackles in his first 14 games and was seen as one of the rising stars of the Bulldogs team.

Mike Gundy: Behave Like A Man

Mike Gundy, behave like a man.

Your young and talented quarterback Wes Lunt decided he didn’t want to play for you anymore, so he handed in a transfer request, which you agreed to.

He looked great for a couple of weeks of Oklahoma State’s 2012 season, then busted his knee. You put in J.T. Walsh in his place after that, and Lunt decided he wanted to go to another school.

No problem there?

OK, so you then got upset that he might go and play for some competition, so you stopped him going to ANY Big-12, Pac-12, or SEC school. Or Southern Mississippi, where your former OC’s now the head coach.

Now why should we, a SEC blog, get involved in a Big XII affair.

First off, it’s actually a little self-centred. We can think of half-a-dozen schools in the SEC that could do with a good quarterback from you, ranging from places even as good as Florida to bottom-feeders like Kentucky, Missouri, and last season’s poor neighbour, Auburn.

Secondly, he’s a kid. You can’t stop a guy playing for his career, and getting the chance to perform. The way Oklahoma State seems to ALWAYS screw things up, you’re not going to a National Championship anytime soon, anyway. So why not let him play somewhere where he’ll be in the public spotlight? Sorry, but Illinois simply isn’t a place where a kid this talented should end up. And do you really think that he’s go to a place like that if you hadn’t blocked him from a better school?

Anyways, grow up and be a man, Mike Gundy.

Mike Gundy is a man. He’s 40 (ish).

The SEC’s most frightening LIVE mascots

On the back of LSU fansite ‘And The Valley Shook’ ‘s excellent article with Mike The Tiger’s keepers, we decided to go for a 1-14 of the SEC mascots you’d LEAST like to come face-to-face with.

1) Mike The Tiger (LSU)

Mike may have a friendly, family name, but in reality, Mike is a grumpy, 400-pound bengal tiger. No, don’t pet him. No, don’t try and be his best friend. BECAUSE HE WILL RIP YOU TO PIECES. And if you’re wearing Georgia red or Alabama crimson, then it looks like blood – so you’re going to be lunch first. That’s our bet, anyway.

2) Tusk (Arkansas)

Here is the description for Wikipedia. “Russian boars are extremely strong and surprisingly quick and fast for their size. Tusk II repeatedly jumped over a four foot gate, at a weight of almost 500 pounds.”

By the way, Tusk at Arkansas is actually a Russian boar, not a wild razorback hog. Still, he’s quick, strong, and will bulldoze you. And provide lunch to Mike The Tiger.

3) =UGA (Georgia)

One of the grumpiest animals of the dog world is the bulldog. UGA has, through the years, been known to bite opponents. Especially Auburn players.

4)  Spirit, The War Eagle (Auburn)

Nova made me laugh hysterically a few years ago when it flew straight into a luxury box at Jordan-Hare. Don’t get me wrong, the War Eagle entrance is one of the coolest things in college sports, and we think he takes Smokey or Reveille. But we don’t think it takes UGA, Tusk and Mike The Tiger.

5) Bully (Mississippi State)

Yes, we know that UGA’s a Bulldog, too. But UGA seems more ferocious than Bully, who’s very excited until about half the way through a season. And then cowers as his team falls apart, led by their once-feared owner, Dan Mullen. Harsh?

6) Smokey The Dog (Tennessee)

Er, I’m sure Smokey the Tennessee Volunteers’ mascot has learned to drink well. It certainly hasn’t learned to cheer a lot – the Volts haven’t had a winning season in 3 years.

7) Reveille (Texas A&M)

No disrespect to Lassie, but I’m taking all three over Texas A&M’s very pretty mascot. Reveille should also bark out orders to get Texas A&M some female cheerleaders.

8) Sir Big Spur (South Carolina)

There is no question that a Gamecock would beat the crap out of other Gamecocks, and probably get some good pecks in a fight with most of these other mascots. But as a non-flying bird, it loses and becomes dinner.






Who’s got the SEC’s easiest non-conference schedule?

The SEC is always getting yelled out by those college football heathens for not putting out the best teams on the non-conference, and although we always come back with “Florida vs Florida State”, as well as last season’s “Alabama vs Michigan” (SEC teams won both), it’s really important this blog works out who’s got the EASIEST, so we can then work out who deserves some criticism for their schedule, and who doesn’t.

Each team’s non conference schedule is ranked in order of difficulty from 1-4, and given an end-grade. The crappiest team graded is first. So don’t be upset if your team is last. It’s a good thing.


1) Rice Owls

2) SMU


4) Sam Houston State

Non Conference Grade: F A lot of people talk up SMU, because they are playing in a BCS conference. Frankly, SMU, which will be a very poor AAC team . Meaning that there is quite simply nothing else nice to say about Texas A&M’s non-conference schedule.


1) Washington State

2) Arkansas State

3) Western Carolina

4) Florida Atlantic

Non Conference Grade: E Any Auburn fan who goes crazy after Auburn beats Washington State on Opening Weekend should go and seek help: The Cougars are pretty dreadful – even with Mike Leach doing the coaching. Arkansas State is still recovering from the loss of Gus Malzahn, and Western Carolina and Florida Atlantic aren’t that great. Plus, all four games are at Jordan-Hare.


1) Wake Forest

2) UAB

3) UMass (at Foxboro, Mass.)

4) Austin Peay

Non-Conference Grade: D- Sorry, no-one’s convincing us that any of these teams are a) any good and b) will pose a problem to Vandy. This schedule’s been arranged so the Commodores can go to 3 bowl games in a row.


1) At Indiana

2) Toledo

3) Arkansas State

4) Murray State

Non-Conference Grade: D Indiana’s the only team that should pose any problems to Missouri going 4-0 in the non-conference scheduling. Indiana’s a poor Big Ten school, people.


1)  At Rutgers

2) U-Louisiana Lafayette

3=) Samford (At Little Rock)

3=) Southern Miss 

Non-Conference Grade: D The only thing saving this schedule is that Rutgers is on the road and ULL had a winning record last year, but really, it’s pretty laughable.


1) At Texas

2) Troy

3) Idaho

4) Southeast Missouri 

Non-Conference Grade: D+ Despite all the love for Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss, the trip to Texas won’t be easy. But the rest? We’re ranking Troy as the Rebels’ second-hardest non-conference game. That’s a crappy rest-of-NC-schedule, yo.


1) Virginia Tech

2) Colorado State

3) U-T Chatanooga

4) Georgia State

Non Conference Grade: D+ It’s only marginally better than Arkansas, Vanderbilt and Missouri’s because the Virginia Tech game is better on schedule than Indiana and Wake Forest. So why the ‘D+’ grade? Because the other three games – all at Bryant-Denny – are a joke.

8. LSU

1) TCU (At Cowboys Stadium, Arlington)

2) Kent State

3) UAB

4) Furman

Non Conference Grade: C-: LSU at TCU would definitely be worth licking lips over. LSU vs TCU at Cowboys Stadium with a lot of the place in purple and gold? Not so much. Kent State shouldn’t pose too much problem. UAB and Furman won’t.


1) Louisville

2) Western Kentucky (Nashville, Neutral Field)

3) Miami (OH)

4) Alabama State 

Non-Conference Grade: C+ This is mainly because this is the University of Kentucky, so we don’t trust them to win any of these four games. Louisville – a National Championship contender – and Western Kentucky – on fire under Bobby Petrino – could well both beat the Wildcats, while it would a shock if Miami (OH) (4-8) last year and Alabama State did the job.


1) At Oregon

2)  Western Kentucky

3) South Alabama

4) Austin Peay

Non-Conference Grade: B- Going to Oregon is one of the toughest trips in college football. But playing Western Kentucky, South Alabama and Austin Peay at home, the Volunteers should go 3-1 in the NC schedule. If they don’t, then warm up the seat for Butch Jones.


1) Oklahoma State (Houston, Texas)

2) Bowling Green

3) Troy 

4) Alcorn State

Difficulty Grade: B Despite the game being on a neutral field, We wouldn’t be surprised if Oklahoma State scores the upset over Mississippi State on August 31st. Bowling Green had a winning record last year. Troy and Alcorn State shouldn’t worry. And as usual with SEC schools, 3 out of 4 of the games are at home, and one is on a neutral field. I’m getting tired of writing this.


1) Florida State 

2) At Miami (FL)

3) Toledo 

4) Georgia Southern

Difficulty Grade: B- Florida State and a revamped Miami – on the road (although Sun Life is a bit of a joke when it comes to an away game) – ain’t going to be easy. Toledo and Georgia Southern will be, unless Wil Muschamp’s offense has the same problems as it did last year.


1) Clemson

2) North Carolina

3) At UCF

4) Coastal Carolina

Difficulty Grade: B+ South Carolina – like a lot of SEC schools  – is blessed by the fact that the game against Clemson and North Carolina are both at home this year. But it will not make them easy. UCF and Coastal Carolina, however, will be a different kettle of fish.


1) At Clemson 

2) At Georgia Tech

3) Appalachian State

4) North Texas

Non-Conference Grade: A- Although the game at Clemson’s going to be hellish for the Bulldogs, a road trip to Georgia Tech won’t be as hellish – even if this rivalry’s called ‘Good Ole Fashioned Hate’. Marks taken off to Appy State and North Texas at home, which Georgia should win by 40 in each game.









Danny Wuerffel named to College Football Hall of Fame

Florida’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Danny Wuerffel has been named to the College Football Hall of Fame.

Wuerffel threw for over 10,870 yards and 114 touchdowns in a storied career for the Gators, for whom he won the Heisman Trophy in 1996.

Under Steve Spurrier’s offence, he won four straight SEC Championships for the Gators, but never the National Championship. After a mediocre-to-poor NFL career, he won’t be making the NFL Hall of Fame anytime soon.

Also making it from the SEC was Steve Meilinger, who played end at Kentucky from 1951-53.

Here is the full list of players who were voted into the 2012 College Hall of Fame  and congratulations to them all….

Stunningly, Eric Crouch, the 2001 Heisman-winning quarterback from Nebraska, Brian Bosworth, the great linebacker from Oklahoma, nor Eric Dickerson, the great running back during the controversial times at SMU was not voted in. Nor were nine SEC players, including the late, great Alabama linebacker Derrick Thomas.

-TED BROWN – TB, North Carolina State (1975-78)
· TEDY BRUSCHI – DE, Arizona (1992-95)
· RON DAYNE – RB, Wisconsin (1996-99)
· TOMMIE FRAZIER – QB, Nebraska (1992-95)
· JERRY GRAY – DB, Texas (1981-84)
· ORLANDO PACE – OT, Ohio State (1994-96)
· ROD SHOATE (deceased) – LB, Oklahoma (1972-74)
· PERCY SNOW – LB, Michigan State (1986-89)
· VINNY TESTAVERDE – QB, Miami, Fla. (1982, 1984-86)
· DON TRULL – QB, Baylor (1961-63)
* Selection from the FBS Veterans Committee


· WAYNE HARDIN – 118-74-5 (61.2%); Navy (1959-64) and   Temple (1970-82)

· BILL McCARTNEY – 93-55-5 (62.4%); Colorado (1982-94)

Kentucky safety hospitalized after crash

Kentucky safety Ashely Lowery has been hospitalized after a one-car crash in Georgia after a monster crash on Friday night.

He was ejected from his vehicle and thrown 400 feet while his car turned over multiple times, ESPN’s Joe Schad said on ‘College Football Live’.

But the worries about the injuries ending Lowery’s life seem to be lifting, as his family put out a statement on Monday saying that his “condition has been upgraded from stable to satisfactory and his injuries are no longer life threatening,” and most importantly, he’s expected to make a full recovery.

Lowery started in eight games for Kentucky last season, recording 43 tackles and 1 INT in his sophomore year. Let’s hope he start a few more.

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