Tyrann Mathieu doesn’t seem to be able to get away from his drug issues of the past – especially during NFL coaching interviews.

He told USA Today in an interview that he’s visiting 10 teams in total, and on one of his visits, he was asked by an assistant how many drugs tests he failed.

He answered: “I quit counting at 10. I really don’t know.

And now, the LSU program is getting its finger pointed at. According to USA Today, the assistant was annoyed at the LSU program. He said: “If he flunked 10 tests before they suspended him, it shows that he got no kind of help“.

Mathieu – nicknamed ‘The Honey Badger’ – after an incredible 2011-2 season in which he proved to be the gamechanger in many-a-game, was booted out of the LSU in the off-season of 2012, after failing yet another test for marijuana. He moved with Patrick Peterson’s family to Florida, where they have taken care of him, and he’s reportedly been sober since October.

Let’s hope it continues.

BOTTOM LINE: TEN FAILED DRUG TESTS? And they didn’t ban him until they got too much? We know that Tyrann Mathieu was a gamechanger for the LSU program, but still….


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