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Alabama appoints new athletic director

Alabama has appointed Bill Battle as the new Alabama athletic director after Mal Moore had to retire for health reasons.

Battle, who played for Bear Bryant in 1961, then went onto coach as a graduate assistant at Oklahoma and the US Military Academy, before going to Tennessee as an assistant before graduating to head coach in 1970, where he was relatively successful, going 59-22-2 in Knoxville.

After leaving there, he became quite the entrepreneur, starting up the Collegiate Licensing Company, where he was CEO until 2010. His first client? The University of Alabama.

Alabama coach Nick Saban called Battle a “First class person and leader” , and invited him to practice, according to reports.


Harvey Updyke gets three years for Toomer’s Oaks poisoning

It’s too  harsh to call it ‘murder’ because that word refers to humans, but Harvey Updyke has admitted to the killing of Toomer’s Oaks.

The Alabama fan – who famous called Paul Finebaum’s show to admit his crime – was sentenced to three years in prison after admitting to “Criminal Damage to an Agriculture Facility”, which is a Class C felony in the State of Alabama. The sentencing was part of a plea deal with the D.A.

He will be out after six months, and then under supervised probation for five years.

“As part of the plea deal, Updyke’s probation will require him to abide by a 7 p.m. curfew and he is forbidden to attend any collegiate athletic events and is banned from entering any property owned by Auburn University,” WSFA 12 News remarked in an article. 

Updyke poisoned the Oaks in 2011 after being infuriated by Auburn’s National Championship win. The Oaks themselves will never recover.



Clowney has $5m insurance policy

South Carolina defensive end and All-American Jadeveon Clowney has a $5 million insurance policy should he get injured in the 2013 season, it has been reported.

The policy – which will be paid out via the NCAA should anything go awry next season – will be paid for by family members, and protect against future . The cost is $30,000.

Reply to Charleston Post-Courier writer Daryl Slater’s report, Paul Myerberg of USA Today noted that the policy was the largest available to players.

The insurance company offering the policy is HCC, based in Cincinnati.

On South Carolina’s website, they said: “Student athletes can receive up to $5m in coverage, up from $4.4m in basketball and $3m in football.”

The NCAA says on its site: “This program will provide the student-athlete with the opportunity to protect against future loss of earnings as a professional athlete, due to a disabling injury or sickness that may occur during the collegiate career.”

It adds: “The condition of disability can be determined when the following criteria have been met: * The student-athlete’s disability results from an injury or sickness, * The student-athlete’s injury or sickness occurs while the policy is in force, * The student-athlete is under the regular care of a qualified physician, * The student-athlete is unable to engage in sporting activity at the professional level, * The applicable elimination period has elapsed, and * The student-athlete’s total disability prevents him or her from signing any employment contract with any professional team as a professional athlete in his or her sporting activity.”

However, the NCAA’s catastrophic injury program (one can only assume that a ‘catastrophic injury’ is one where a player doesn’t walk again)- as set out by the NCAA on its website – has said that the maximum benefit amount per covered accident for all benefits combined is $20m.

Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M has taken out a similar policy.

Clowney created waves earlier this off-season when there was talk of him perhaps sitting out the 2013 season because of the fact that a potential injury could derail his Top 10 draft pick hopes (and let’s face it, he’s the best pass-rusher in college football right now).


ESPN announces August-October SEC TV dates

ESPN has announced its August – October TV dates for SEC schools – starting with South Carolina’s hosting of North Carolina on Thursday, August 29th at 8pm.

Here is the line-up:

Thu, Aug 29 6 p.m. North Carolina at South Carolina * ESPN
  9:15 p.m. Ole Miss at Vanderbilt ESPN
Sat, Aug 31 5:30 p.m. Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game: Virginia Tech vs. Alabama (Atlanta) ESPN
  8 p.m. Georgia at Clemson ABC
  9 p.m. Cowboys Classic: TCU vs. LSU ESPN
Thu, Oct 24 7:30 p.m. Kentucky at Mississippi State ESPN

We’re already extremely excited!

In order of games that the neutral should be excited about, here we go:

1) Georgia at Clemson – Two likely highly-ranked teams in one of the best atmospheres in college football. At night. College Gameday, anyone?

2) Virginia Tech vs Alabama – Welcome back, National Champions

3) Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt – The two pretenders to the big boys’ throne. Is Ole Miss for real? And will we really find this out about Hugh Freeze’s guys one game in?

4) TCU vs LSU– First chance for TCU to exploit what’s been a difficult off-season for LSU thus far with half the squad seemingly gone to the NFL.

5) North Carolina at South Carolina – The battle of the Carolinas. There won’t be too problem with Williams-Brice being loud, folks.

6) Kentucky at Mississippi State – Both programs still rebuilding. Could be interesting for purveyors of the Dan Mullen Hot Seat.