Brent Calloway, one of the ‘Alabama Accused’, has defended himself on Twitter.

The linebacker, charged of credit card fraud by Alabama police, tweeted his defense to Cardinals catcher Kyle Lamb:

 “First it wasn’t a credit card and 2 I wasn’t even awake during the robbery you don’t kno what happened so dont try me dude”.

In essence, Calloway is denying that he and his friends used a credit card (in fact, it probably wasn’t a credit card but an Alabama student card that students put money on and then they can insert it into a candy machine and get snacks from it) and has added that he wasn’t awake when the robbery happened.

Interestingly enough, Calloway isn’t being charged – or accused – of the battery that took place. That’s being blamed on Eddie Williams, TJ Pettaway and Tyler Hayes.

All four players have been suspended by coach Nick Saban.


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