After a 10-2 season that included a victories over hated rivals Clemson and Georgia, the South Carolina Gamecocks have given a two-year contract extension to College Football’s greatest golfing football coach, Steve Spurrier through the 2017 season.

Unlike Les Miles’ deal with LSU, Spurrier’s deal with South Carolina did not see a salary raiseĀ – although he’s going to earn $3.3m in 2013, which is quite handy. He should be able to buy some drinks for Stephen Garcia with that…

We’re almost surprised that Spurrier won’t pass comment on the radio about his extension: “Well, if Les Miles agent hadn’t called that website, perhaps he wouldn’t have gotten a raise at all….”

There were some great stories/remarks doing the rounds about Spurrier at the SEC Championship Game, from Georgia fans.

Amongst them:

“He only became the Carolina coach because someone offered him a membership at Augusta and full use of the Gamecocks plane” – Georgia fan

“What happened to him in the real Death Valley?” – LSU fan

“Well, he’s got our number, and has done for years ” – Georgia fan

“We hate him” – SEC fans all over.

And Texas A&M/Missouri fans, you’ll learn to hate Spurrier too – especially if he has your number.


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