It’s official: Gene Chizik has been fired as the head coach of the University of Auburn.

It wasn’t a surprise. Auburn were winless in the SEC, and in their big rivalry games against Georgia and Alabama, the Tigers offense lost 38-0 and 49-0. That’s pretty good going, and enough to really **** off the Tigers fanbases.

We all knew it was coming – I think I first realised that Chizik wasn’t going to be around for too long when this team struggled with Utah State at the start of the 2011 season, and then I knew it when they needed overtime to beat Louisiana-Monroe.

Anyway, Cam Newton won Chizik a National Championship, and for the next 48 months, Chizik’s going to be getting just under $150,000 per month. We feel really sorry for the Auburn family now.

Who’s going to come?

Well, with Tennessee and Arkansas all in the mix for a top head coach (sorry Kentucky, but you don’t look as though you really want to spend that much on your football program), this could be interesting. James Franklin, get your cellphone ready…


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