As it’s Thanksgiving, we should really write about what we’re thankful for. So with us, we thought we’d write about the SEC.

  • We’re thankful for the 12th Man, night games in Death Valley, Mississippi Cowbells and Gator Chomps
  • We’re thankful for close games all over the SEC this year – and we’re grateful that we’ve seen almost all of them.
  • We’re thankful for Texas A&M and Missouri – you’ve added some new blood into the Southeastern Conference, and we love you for it.
  • We’re thankful for ‘Rammer Jammer’, ‘Rocky Top’,  ‘Geaux Tigers’, ‘Sandstorm’, ‘War Eagle’, and the people that call the Hogs.
  • We’re thankful for shakers. Lots of shakers in different colors.
  • We’re thankful for bourbon at 8am, 10am, 12am, 3pm, and 5pm.
  • We’re thankful for match-day tradition – there’s nothing like it in College Football.
  • We’re thankful for the best tailgates in the land, and the food that goes with it. Our arteries and stomachs? Maybe not so!
  • We’re thankful for the night.
  • We’re thankful for our students. Short skirts, bow ties, slacks, beautiful weather, stunning campuses, faces of pure joy. What could you want more on a weekend?
  • We’re thankful for BCS Computers – it makes us at the center of the conversation this year, and every year.
  • We’re thankful for College Gameday, and the fun it’s brought to Gainesville, Columbia, Baton Rouge, Knoxville and College Station. We didn’t envy you doing the ad with the Texas A&M family in July in College Station, guys – it must have been hot.
  • We’re thankful to see David Pollack every weekend on College Gameday – shows that morally-upstanding guys can win after all!
  • We’re thankful that we’ll bring the Aggies round to having female cheer – OR IS IT YELL – leaders. They need ’em!
  • We’re thankful for the surprises each weekend of college football brings – as as part of the College Football family, we thank you for that.
  • We’re thankful for fabulous freshmen like Johnny Manziel, Jeremy Hill, Todd Gurley and TJ Yeldon.
  • We’re thankful for defensive stars like Jarvis Jones and Jadeveon Clowney – both can take over a game.
  • We’re thankful for Wil Muschamp, Steve Spurrier and Les Miles: You make the sidelines more exciting.
  • We’re thankful that Ole Miss is rising again. And so has Florida.
  • We’re thankful that Vandy’s made two bowl games in a row – something that’s never been accomplished in the history of the Commodores. Vandy fans will be thankful to keep James Franklin.
  • Auburn, Tennessee and Kentucky fans should be thankful that the end of the season is but a few days away. Then they can find out their school’s future.
  • We’re thankful that Marcus Lattimore’s injury wasn’t as bad as previous anticipated.
  • We’re thankful that Tyrann Mathieu’s gone to live away from Baton Rouge, and we hope that he’s going to sort his life out. He could be a NFL star. Keep living the dream, Tyrann!
  • We’re thankful for Nick Saban. He provides everyone but Alabama fans with a hate figure – yet you have to applaud his teams. They are relentless. We’ll never forget him screaming at his replacements to get the job properly, and the incredible drive at Baton Rouge.
  • We’re thankful for our rivalry games and the noise and passion that comes with it. Where would the season be without LSU-Alabama, Georgia-Florida, Florida-Tennessee, Ole Miss-Mississippi State etc? Where?
  • We’re thankful for Verne and Gary. We’re not thankful for the amount of ad breaks on the CBS Network. It’s just plain annoying.
  • And last but not least, we’re thankful for the many thousands who attend our games in our big-ass stadiums every weekend – without you, our atmosphere is gone.
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