A couple of things happened today that you should be listening to.

After the furore involving Les Miles and a $5m-a-year, 5 year contract with Arkansas, LSU announced that Les Miles has signed a seven-year contract extension with the university.

Miles will earn $4.9m annually to be the Tigers head coach, according to the linked report.

Miles said: “I’m a LSU head coach and will be a LSU head coach for as long as I can be. Hopefully, we’ll look up seven years from now and I’ll be looking for another seven-year extension.”

BOTTOM LINE: It’s not exactly surprising that Miles’ pay raise came at the time that rumors were circulating that Arkansas had reached out to the Mad Hatter. It may well have been Miles’ agent putting out the word to SportsbyBrooks, or other sources, in an effort to drive up his client’s wages. Anyway, the deal’s in place with LSU, and this can only be good for LSU Football.

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