It’s a busy week, so here’s some quick picks for y’all to get your teeth into….


For a college football romantic like me, there’s no place on earth like LSU’s Tiger Stadium. Some people will die never experiencing it, and for us, their lives will be all the poorer for not doing so. After all, there’s something to be said for drinking bourbon from sunrise to sunset!

And the place – already famed for its loudness – is going to off the hook for the benefit for the visit of top-ranked Alabama and its hated head coach Nick Saban, is ready to give the Crimson Tide everything it can handle. Alabama hasn’t played in this type of nasty night-game atmosphere since it went to Florida and dispatched the Gators last year in a game that was out of hand by the middle of the third quarter.

Having said that, they go to the game eight point favourites in this game, which looks a little high. Having said that, Alabama’s a machine and LSU is not. The Tide rolls up the field and is generally clinical, while LSU’s problem has been – as it has been all season – its offence, and in particular QB Zach Mettenberger, who has struggled all season and long and has shown no signs of real progression. Saturday night wouldn’t be a bad night for a coming out party, Zach….

PREDICTION: Alabama wins by 7 – but don’t surprised if they win by more.


Georgia’s ‘D’ played out of their minds in upsetting Florida last week, and with a home crowd backing them, you worry for Ole Miss – despite Hugh Freeze’s side having won last week at Arkansas, who go into the game at 14-point underdog.

If Georgia’s offense is to click – which it sporadically has done this year – it will have to with QB Aaron Murray NOT connecting with the opposition secondary, as he did numerous times against Florida. Bo Wallace will be trying to keep himself away from Georgia’s NFL-going linebacker Jarvis Jones, who changed the Cocktail Party last week.

This one should be fun – until the third quarter.

PREDICTION: Georgia wins by over 14.


Johnny Football is the most exciting thing to happen to the SEC since, er, the last SEC Championship, and he’ll learn to win big-time games. This game in Cowbell Central against Mississippi State would be a good place to start. Aggies fans will be wishing bars didn’t close at midnight, though.

PREDICTION: Cowbell up! Mississippi State by 7.


As we’ve alluded to in our piece about Georgia earlier, the Gators were pretty well shut out by the Gators last Saturday, turning the ball over and looking generally dysfunctional as a team.

Missouri, however, its first SEC game in its history, beating Kentucky as spawning furious celebration on its campus (most of it relief, we feel).

Anyway, the Tigers go back to reality as they go on the road to Gainseville, where offenses tend to go to die. Especially these Tigers, who aren’t very good and are 17 point underdogs.

PREDICTION: Florida to beat the handicap, winning by 21 against a Missouri side who isn’t that good. At all.


This game – destined to be the ‘SEC Network Game Of The Week’ (or whatever you call it) will feature two sides who haven’t really been very good this season – and this is an understatement. Listen, Kentucky could have pulled off two massive upsets if they’d played for a half against South Carolina and Georgia had played an F – instead of an F, and they aren’t to be sniffed at at home. Big upset here?

PREDICTION: Vandy in a close one, winning by 3.


We’ll put it like this: If ButTchuggers U doesn’t score 40 and win by a wide margin, Derek Dooley shouldn’t be in a job. ‘Nuff said.

PREDICTION: Tennessee wins by 28 in a game that’s pretty fun for the neutrals – and Dooley-haters.


We were sharing a cold one with an Auburn fan and he said: “I think you should pick against Auburn in every game this season”. Well, New Mexico State isn’t very good. Then again, nor is Auburn. What do we say?

PREDICTION: Auburn gets some happy back. Auburn wins by 28.


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