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Les Miles signs new contract with LSU

A couple of things happened today that you should be listening to.

After the furore involving Les Miles and a $5m-a-year, 5 year contract with Arkansas, LSU announced that Les Miles has signed a seven-year contract extension with the university.

Miles will earn $4.9m annually to be the Tigers head coach, according to the linked report.

Miles said: “I’m a LSU head coach and will be a LSU head coach for as long as I can be. Hopefully, we’ll look up seven years from now and I’ll be looking for another seven-year extension.”

BOTTOM LINE: It’s not exactly surprising that Miles’ pay raise came at the time that rumors were circulating that Arkansas had reached out to the Mad Hatter. It may well have been Miles’ agent putting out the word to SportsbyBrooks, or other sources, in an effort to drive up his client’s wages. Anyway, the deal’s in place with LSU, and this can only be good for LSU Football.

Kentucky hires Mark Stoops

Kentucky has confirmed the hiring of Mark Stoops, the former Florida State defensive co-ordinator.

UK AD Mitch Barnhardt said: “New beginnings always provide a sense of excitement,” Barnhart said. “That’s why today I’m excited for Mark Stoops and his family as they provide a new beginning for our football program, fans and players. I also want to thank FSU coach Jimbo Fisher for his help in the hiring process. Mark’s passion has been evident in the way he coaches and in his love for the game of football.  That passion carried over into our process and his desire to wear the Blue and White.  Our desire to get better defensively and continue to expand our recruiting base helped guide us to Mark.  He comes from a coaching family and has been in big games and big atmospheres throughout his career.  That has prepared him for this opportunity to become head coach at Kentucky.  We welcome Mark, Chantel, Will and Zack to the Big Blue Nation.”

The Wednesday rum0r mill broke the news Wildcats had hired Stoops to be Kentucky early that day.

Kentucky had a 2-10 season last year, with a winless SEC season. They had fired Joker Phillips before the end of the season, but unlike Tennessee’s Derek Dooley, he was allowed to finish the last game on the sideline. Phillips was cheered off after the Wildcats demolished Samford.

Stoops comes from a Florida State side tipped by some college football experts to be in the National Championship Game, but was instead surprised by NC State and then Florida in two mind-bending performances.

Stoops will definitely improve Kentucky’s defense, which gave up 424 yards per game. Reilly Schmidtt, the RantSports blogger, also said: “I believe that bringing in a guy like Stoops will be good for the program…..he will be able to get UK to play some stout defense once he gets some good players into the fold.  In reality, this is a very safe hire that has a lot of upside for the team going forward.”

Frankly, we agree. If he can make Kentucky the home for in-state recruits rather than Louisville, and he can beat the hated Cardinals in the local rivalry game at the start of 2013, then people will love him. They’ll love him more he can get Kentucky to come through with 60-minute games – UK actually played pretty well against South Carolina and Georgia, but failed to come up with an upset-for-the-season ‘W’.

But Stoops is going to need what a lot of coaches haven’t had this season – time to turn this ship around. After all, it fell a long way with Joker Phillips in charge.

Then there were four: Gene Chizik joins the ranks of the fired

It’s official: Gene Chizik has been fired as the head coach of the University of Auburn.

It wasn’t a surprise. Auburn were winless in the SEC, and in their big rivalry games against Georgia and Alabama, the Tigers offense lost 38-0 and 49-0. That’s pretty good going, and enough to really **** off the Tigers fanbases.

We all knew it was coming – I think I first realised that Chizik wasn’t going to be around for too long when this team struggled with Utah State at the start of the 2011 season, and then I knew it when they needed overtime to beat Louisiana-Monroe.

Anyway, Cam Newton won Chizik a National Championship, and for the next 48 months, Chizik’s going to be getting just under $150,000 per month. We feel really sorry for the Auburn family now.

Who’s going to come?

Well, with Tennessee and Arkansas all in the mix for a top head coach (sorry Kentucky, but you don’t look as though you really want to spend that much on your football program), this could be interesting. James Franklin, get your cellphone ready…


Stir Up The Echoes, Because We’re Facing Notre Dame: SEC Final Power Rankings

Wow. It’s all come so quickly.

After only three months, the college football season is effectively over. Yes, there’s the SEC Championship Game, bowl games and the small thing called the National Championship Game is over, but there are no more SEC night games. There are no more big stadiums with parking lots filled with people cooking gumbo, drinking bourbon, and generally having a damned good time. The pageantry is over.

We do know one thing: We are not going to see an all-SEC National Championship Game. Notre Dame saw to that, but taking care of Lane Kiffin’s USC in Los Angeles.

But the question is is: Who’s going to play the Irish – Alabama or Georgia?

Stir up the echoes, folks, because Saturday’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Anyways, here are your SEC Rankings to end the season:

1) Alabama – Because the Crimson Tide destroyed Auburn, and they are second in the country. Let’s not talk about the resume too loudly, for fear that someone from the BCS might look at their computer again (whisper).

2) Georgia – No-one’s playing better football in the country than Georgia at the moment, who thumped Georgia Tech in Good Ole Fashioned Hate on Saturday afternoon. If Georgia can work at up-tempo offense, they could have Alabama struggling on Saturday.

3) Florida – We didn’t see the Gators’ victory at Florida State coming. If opposite QBs keep giving a defense like the Gators gifts (and let’s face it, they have been doing all season long!), then expect Mike Gillislee & Co to snap it right up. Florida could also have a case for going to the National Championship ahead of Alabama or Georgia – particularly with their body of work. If Georgia loses.

4) LSU – Struggled to a win over Arkansas in the best SEC game of the week. Jarvis Landry’s catch was the highlights of the day, week, month and year. Florida not losing also assured the Tigers that they aren’t going to a BCS game this year. No Sugar, Baton Rouge.

5) Texas A&M- Is anyone flying higher than the Aggies and Johnny Manziel at the moment? Nope, didn’t think so. The biggest thing for the 12th Man could still happen…. Manziel wins a Heisman. The next thing already happened at Thanksgiving – Texas lost to TCU at home!

6)  South Carolina – The Gamecocks had a hard-fought victory over Clemson, completing a 4-0 SEC rout over the ACC. The Gamecocks weren’t brilliant, but their defense absolutely stifled the Tigers. Jadeveon Clowney made an All-American appearance, sacking Tajh Boyd four times in an incredible performance.

7) Vanderbilt – Went to Wake Forest and happily thumped the Demon Deacons. James Franklin is building a good program, but when will they beat one of the SEC big boys (we don’t count Tennessee in that equation anymore!)?

8) Ole Miss – Some people on Twitter got a little annoyed when Ole Miss fans invaded the field to celebrate the Rebels win over Mississippi State, but for us, this was great. When you beat your hated rival, you need to be able to jump on the field. Oh, and Hugh Freeze can forget about worshipping Jesus: The man IS Jesus this weekend. He’s helped to resurrect a program that this time last year, was a national joke.

9) Mississippi State – Hard to quantify how bad Dan Mullen’s side looked last night… Let’s just say that they were cowbell’d and leave it at that, shall we? But all in all, a disappointing season for State, who looked more ‘Fail’ than ‘Hail’ in this Egg Bowl match-up. Tyler Russell needs a better offensive line.

10) Missouri – They are only here because they beat Tennessee in overtime. The Tigers were slaughtered at Texas A&M on Saturday, looking as though they stopped trying during the game. Gary Pinkel’s seat may have become a little warmer.

11) Tennessee – Because they thumped Kentucky.

12) Arkansas – A hard-fought LSU loss means one thing for us: Why didn’t the Razorback team – and its defense – play like this for John L. Smith all season long?

13) Auburn – Gene Chizik should go. ‘Nuff said.

14) Kentucky – Joker Phillips has already gone. ‘Nuff said.



Thanksgiving Note: Let’s give thanks

As it’s Thanksgiving, we should really write about what we’re thankful for. So with us, we thought we’d write about the SEC.

  • We’re thankful for the 12th Man, night games in Death Valley, Mississippi Cowbells and Gator Chomps
  • We’re thankful for close games all over the SEC this year – and we’re grateful that we’ve seen almost all of them.
  • We’re thankful for Texas A&M and Missouri – you’ve added some new blood into the Southeastern Conference, and we love you for it.
  • We’re thankful for ‘Rammer Jammer’, ‘Rocky Top’,  ‘Geaux Tigers’, ‘Sandstorm’, ‘War Eagle’, and the people that call the Hogs.
  • We’re thankful for shakers. Lots of shakers in different colors.
  • We’re thankful for bourbon at 8am, 10am, 12am, 3pm, and 5pm.
  • We’re thankful for match-day tradition – there’s nothing like it in College Football.
  • We’re thankful for the best tailgates in the land, and the food that goes with it. Our arteries and stomachs? Maybe not so!
  • We’re thankful for the night.
  • We’re thankful for our students. Short skirts, bow ties, slacks, beautiful weather, stunning campuses, faces of pure joy. What could you want more on a weekend?
  • We’re thankful for BCS Computers – it makes us at the center of the conversation this year, and every year.
  • We’re thankful for College Gameday, and the fun it’s brought to Gainesville, Columbia, Baton Rouge, Knoxville and College Station. We didn’t envy you doing the ad with the Texas A&M family in July in College Station, guys – it must have been hot.
  • We’re thankful to see David Pollack every weekend on College Gameday – shows that morally-upstanding guys can win after all!
  • We’re thankful that we’ll bring the Aggies round to having female cheer – OR IS IT YELL – leaders. They need ’em!
  • We’re thankful for the surprises each weekend of college football brings – as as part of the College Football family, we thank you for that.
  • We’re thankful for fabulous freshmen like Johnny Manziel, Jeremy Hill, Todd Gurley and TJ Yeldon.
  • We’re thankful for defensive stars like Jarvis Jones and Jadeveon Clowney – both can take over a game.
  • We’re thankful for Wil Muschamp, Steve Spurrier and Les Miles: You make the sidelines more exciting.
  • We’re thankful that Ole Miss is rising again. And so has Florida.
  • We’re thankful that Vandy’s made two bowl games in a row – something that’s never been accomplished in the history of the Commodores. Vandy fans will be thankful to keep James Franklin.
  • Auburn, Tennessee and Kentucky fans should be thankful that the end of the season is but a few days away. Then they can find out their school’s future.
  • We’re thankful that Marcus Lattimore’s injury wasn’t as bad as previous anticipated.
  • We’re thankful that Tyrann Mathieu’s gone to live away from Baton Rouge, and we hope that he’s going to sort his life out. He could be a NFL star. Keep living the dream, Tyrann!
  • We’re thankful for Nick Saban. He provides everyone but Alabama fans with a hate figure – yet you have to applaud his teams. They are relentless. We’ll never forget him screaming at his replacements to get the job properly, and the incredible drive at Baton Rouge.
  • We’re thankful for our rivalry games and the noise and passion that comes with it. Where would the season be without LSU-Alabama, Georgia-Florida, Florida-Tennessee, Ole Miss-Mississippi State etc? Where?
  • We’re thankful for Verne and Gary. We’re not thankful for the amount of ad breaks on the CBS Network. It’s just plain annoying.
  • And last but not least, we’re thankful for the many thousands who attend our games in our big-ass stadiums every weekend – without you, our atmosphere is gone.

Welcome to the Valley of Death, My Friends: Final SEC Predictions!!

Sniff, sniff….

It’s the final week of the regular season in the SEC! That means (until about two weeks’ time), I can’t make fun of Auburn, Arkansas, Kentucky or Tennessee and their ineptitude or if they should fire their coaches.

But this week is traditional rivarly time, and we can’t wait for the Texas A&M vs Texas  vs Missouri game. We can’t wait to hear ‘Saw Varsity’s Horn’s Off’ at full volume, although it’ll be more like “Saaaaw Tigers’ Claws Off!!” to create some sort of rivalry. I bet people must think: “Who cares about Texas A&M vs Texas?! We can have Texas vs TCU and Texas A&M vs Missouri instead!”.

I don’t care who’s fault it was that the rivalry got disbanded. Texas A&M fans say that it was Texas who refused to let the rivalry go ahead, while Texas fans say that Texas A&M claimed that they played in the SEC, so they didn’t want to fit in another tough opponent. No-one really knows. Anyway, I – like some Texas players – are un-thrilled about a disbanding of the rivalry, but here’s hoping Uncle Jerry can dole up some dollars and have a Thanksgiving game to get the two sides together again. How does every Friday from 2013 onwards in JerryWorld sound? Good! That’s settled….

But thank God for ‘Good Ole Fashioned Hate’, ‘The Iron Bowl’ and the rest of the SEC games to keep me from ranting on. So here is – for the last time this year – our predictions for the SEC.

Florida vs Florida State

Florida State and Florida absolutely despise each other. Maybe it’s because the State of Florida isn’t considered ‘The Proper South’ by many Southerners, but FSU and UF have brought some northern attitude to this one. Most rivalries in the South are settled with a drink and handshake, but with these, it’s with a fist and a ‘tug at my jorts’. For the record, there are hotties at both schools, people, so let’s love it out! On a football lilt, Florida State needs to beat Florida and pray for football Armageddon to happen to have a hope of getting in the National Championship Game, while Florida needs to beat Florida State and hope Georgia and Alabama both lose to get in the National Championship Game. So, this one’s not important at all, then…

BOTTOM LINE: This is going to be a war. With hot cheerleaders, sorority girls, and an exceptionally irritating ‘Tomahawk Chop’ and ‘Gator Chomp’ that will rile up both sets of fans. Against each other. Catfights aho in Tallahassee!! FSU – a seven-point favourite- will win, but by a field goal.

Auburn vs Alabama

A lot of [Auburn] people are hoping this game is going to be competitive and close.  Vegas is hoping Alabama have some sympathy with Auburn, and only beat them by 31. Alabama needs to win to SEC West and go to the SEC Championship Game, while winning by a margin that’s also going to satisfy the BCS people, who will want to see a basketball put on the Tigers.

BOTTOM LINE: Alabama wins by that basketball score, winning by 40

South Carolina at Clemson

Nice to see how beautifully both sides get on. Both sides have passionate fanbases, and coaches that like a verbal barb at all. Let’s hope South Carolina gets on better in this Death Valley than y’all did in the last one, eh? Jadeveon Clowney is going to be back to try and stop Tajh Boyd, but will South Carolina’s secondary be able to stop Sammy Watkins and DeAndre Hopkins? The key for South Carolina is how much they are going to try and run the ball down Clemson’s throat – especially without Marcus Lattimore. The key for Clemson? If the defense can perform something they rarely do: Make a side go three and out.

BOTTOM LINE: This one is going to be fun – especially if Clemson’s defense is the way it is. 3 1/2 point underdog South Carolina wins by 3 in a shoot-out.

Georgia Tech vs Georgia

The funny thing about this game is that the SEC East is already decided: Georgia’s going to the SEC Championship Game. Steve Spurrier might not like it after going 2-0 against the Bulldogs in the last two years, but there you go. Georgia Tech is also going to play a big game next week: The ACC Championship Game (Something about Miami and their apparent lack of good behaviour back in the day). But this game is a big one for both sides, who absolutely despise each other for no other reason than the perceived truth slight that UGA ladies are a million miles better-looking than Georgia Tech ladies. So they tell me.

BOTTOM LINE: UGA wins comfortably, beating the 13-point spread with ease.

Mississippi State vs Ole Miss

Mississippi State has lost three out of four SEC games, rescuing itself and its confidence with a 45-14 ploughing of awful Arkansas, while Ole Miss lost in the usual heartbreaking fashion (for this season), this time at LSU. Don’t get us wrong, if Ole Miss cuts down on the stupid penalties, the way that they played against LSU will give them more than hope against their hated rival….it’ll give ’em a shout against Captain Cowbell and his Clanging Friends. Still can’t believe they are actually a favorite with the bookies though.

BOTTOM LINE: Ole Miss – a 1 1/2 point favorite – wins by 7 in a classic Egg Bowl match-up.

Missouri vs Texas A&M

Been a weird season. A lot of people thought Missouri would get on better in the SEC than Texas A&M this year, but Johnny Football has been sensational, and Texas A&M has beaten Alabama, and had leads against LSU and Florida that it lost. While Missouri hasn’t been great, but it’s pulled off victories against Kentucky and Tennessee, which is a start. We hope that Dorial Green-Beckham can show us what he’s made of at Kyle Field in this ‘Battle Of Ole Big 12-ers’. Oh, and Missouri will win the hottie ratio – especially on the cheerleading side. THEY’RE YELL LEADERS, DAMMIT!

BOTTOM LINE: Texas A&M by 24. And Johnny doesn’t kick the field goal.

Kentucky vs Tennessee

Derek Dooley asked if he could coach the last game of the season. Dave Hart said: “No”. Wow – is that how bad it’s gotten for Derek Dooley, that he doesn’t even get to close out the season with a win? Anyway, the Vols are 5-point favourites, but they should be able to usher in a new era handily here – especially as Kentucky is a really, really bad SEC team, never mind football team.

BOTTOM LINE: Tennessee wins by 21. The 5-point line is way, way too short for Tennessee’s offensive capabilities and sheer horror show that is Kentucky’s beaten-up D.

LSU vs Arkansas (FRIDAY)

Can LSU possibly play as badly as they did against Ole Miss and win, this time on the road? Zach Mettenberger was better than his numbers suggested on Saturday, and we think we might have fallen in love with Jeremy Hill. The guy’s going to get his face on a wall outside Death Valley, folks. Anyway, Arkansas’ Tyler Wilson has thrown for 2,000 yards and Cobi Hamilton’s got over 1,000 yards receiving. If LSU’s secondary plays as badly as it did against Ole Miss, this could be close.

BOTTOM LINE: LSU wins, but by less than 10 (The Tigers are a 12 1/2-point favourite)

Vanderbilt vs Wake Forest

Congratulations, Commodores, on costing Derek Dooley his job by schellacking Tennessee. Wake Forest should get the same sort of beating as the Volunteers got – especially with the mojo that the ‘Anchor Down’ guys are feeling. Imagine if the offense had played as well against South Carolina at the start of the year….

BOTTOM LINE: Vanderbilt by 14.

Tennessee (Finally) Fires Derek Dooley

Tennessee fans today got the news that they weren’t surprised or shocked about: Derek Dooley has been fired as the Volunteers head coach.

After his team was drilled 41-18 by Vanderbilt, Dooley was told that he wouldn’t be returning. And he wouldn’t even be asked to coach the team’s game against Kentucky, either.

And to make matters worse, but buying out Dooley’s contract will cost Tennessee a cool $5 million (FIVE MIIIIILION DOLLARS!).

Dooley’s highlights included (per The Clairon-Ledger):

  • A 15-21 record
  • A 0-15 record against ranked teams (we start to think what might have happened to Mark Richt if UGA hadn’t beaten Florida)
  • An 0-7 SEC record this year, despite being a dark horse for the SEC East title and bringing back two good wide receivers and a good quarterback
  • Getting schmacked by Vanderbilt

Tennessee’s athletic director Dave Hart said: “We very much appreciate the effort and energy that Derek Dooley and his staff have poured into our football program at the University of Tennessee. Derek and I met early this morning, and I informed him that I believed a change in leadership, despite the positive contributions he has made to the overall health of the program, was in the best long-term interests of Tennessee football. We will immediately begin the search for the best possible candidate to assume this leadership role.

Jon Gruden’s been long linked with the UT job….apparently because his wife was a cheerleader there.




The SEC loves Stanford and Baylor!! SEC Power Rankings

The SEC loves you, Stanford. Thank you for silencing Autzen.

The SEC loves you, Baylor. Thank you for silencing the ‘Collin Klein for Heisman’ chants. Replace this with ‘ Johnny For Heisman’.

This week was one of the most meaningful in the SEC …. without a lot of meaningful games in the SEC.

Anyway, here are the rankings…

1) Bama 2) Georgia 3) LSU 4) UF 5) TAMU 6) USC 7) MSU 8) Vandy 9) Ole Miss 10) Mizzou 11) Tenn. 12) Arky 13) UK 14) Aub

1) Alabama – Ripped apart Western Carolina (who were 1-9 in the FCS, by the way). Biggest result for the Tide was BOTH Oregon and Baylor losing on Saturday.

2) Georgia – Ripped apart Georgia Southern. Biggest result for the Bulldogs was BOTH Oregon and Baylor losing on Saturday. They’ve got a spot in the SEC Championship Game.

3) Florida – Their win against Jacksonville State shows us nothing – but their wins over Texas A&M, South Carolina and LSU are still really impressive on the resume. Can’t wait for Florida State. I really. Can’t. Wait.

4) LSU – What a game against Ole Miss. What a game. What a game. What a game. Les Miles wins again – and then delivers one of the best press conference speeches of the season. You start to understand why players love to play for him. The Tigers are only behind Florida on points – and those points were the ones that they lost in The Swamp.

5) Texas A&M – There is something Johnny Football can’t do. Kick extra points. Sorry we’ll never be calling him “Johnny Premier League”, then. Can’t wait for the Aggies to show Texas who’s boss. Oh. Wait a minute…

6) South Carolina – Can’t wait for Clemson. I really. Can’t. Wait.

7) Mississippi State – Easily handled an awful Arkansas team. We can’t wait for the Egg Bowl this week – particularly with Ole Miss actually looking like a team now.

8) Vanderbilt – Hammered Tennessee at home, ending Derek Dooley’s reign as the Vols coach.Vandy has now done that to two coaches. Losing badly to Vanderbilt in the SEC is obviously a fireable sin. It might not be in 2013 or 2014…

9) Ole Miss – Fantastic performance at LSU, but they came up short. This team WILL be competitive in 2013. We promise (unless Hugh Freeze leaves)

10) Mizzou – Losing to Syracuse isn’t a cool thing for your SEC pedigree, Gary Pinkel. Even if Syracuse DID just beat Louisville. It’s still not good for the conference.

11) Tennessee – Goodbye, Derek Dooley. Don’t let the door slam on your orange pants on the way out.

12) Arkansas – Goodbye, John L. Smith (in advance)

13) Kentucky – Because they can’t play Auburn to see who the SEC’s most terrible team is.

14) Auburn – Because they can’t play Kentucky to see who the SEC’s most terrible team is.


Can Tennessee revive a little of its season? SEC Football Predictions

Right, it’s going to be a quick bunch of predictions this week, because if you’re a (or an, for grammar’s sake!):

FLORIDA fan and your team can’t beat JACKSONVILLE STATE at home

GEORGIA fan and your team can’t beat the triple-optioning, cut-blocking, GEORGIA SOUTHERN at home

TEXAS A&M fan and your team, with Johnny Football, Ryan The Receiver and KevinGod, can’t beat SAM HOUSTON STATE at home

ALABAMA fan and your team’s  got Nick ‘Not As Imperious As We First Thought’ Saban as your coach, can’t beat WESTERN CAROLINA at home

SOUTH CAROLINA fan and you’ve got Jadeveon Clown-Man Clowney on your team, can’t beat WOFFORD at home

AUBURN fan and, despite all that’s gone wrong to your team – which are about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 things this year – and you can’t beat ALABAMA A&M at home

KENTUCKY fan, and even though you’re already gotten rid of your coach, you can’t beat SAMFORD at home….

You should fire your coach. Unless you’re Kentucky. When  you should fire just about everybody else, and then fire the next coach for just THINKING about coming to your school (Sorry Bobby, you’ve got no chance with Ashley Judd)….

BOTTOM LINE: All the SEC teams should win comfortably. Yes, even Auburn and Kentucky.

But otherwise….


Before the season Tennessee losing to Vanderbilt would have been a joke for the program – and the rest of the SEC. Right now, with Vanderbilt bowl eligible again and Tennessee already beyond the brink of uproar (We can still hear the ‘Dooley out’ screams ringing in our ears), the joke’s on Tennessee. And it’s not a funny one. Heck, Vegas are giving the Vols four points before their trip into Nashville. Listen, Vanderbilt’s OK, but they aren’t exactly the biggest cheese in the SEC by any imagination (BTW, anyone else think James Franklin might end up somewhere else after the season ends?), but don’t ignore Tennessee’s offensive weapons. Cordarelle Patterson and Justin Hunter can be lethal receivers, and Tyler Bray’s still not the worst QB in the SEC (step up, Kiehl Frazier!). His decision-making at time just SUCKS. Tennessee is going to have to come out throwing bullets because they are only two games away from being bowl eligible (and they had chances to win against Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina this season). Anyone smell the ‘upset’?

BOTTOM LINE: Tennessee wins. Just. Won’t be enough to save Coach Dooley, though.


LSU fans don’t like Ole Miss very much. “The Grove is like a cocktail party where snobby Mississippians go to a cocktail party that they don’t even invite you to. They think they are better than you,” said one resentful LSU fan (what happened to him in Oxford last season, folks?!). Good job the game’s at LSU, eh? And while LSU took the loss to Alabama in their stride and beat Mississippi State comfortably, Ole Miss once again broke their fans’ hearts by losing in the last minute to Vanderbilt at home in the Chandelier Bowl. With the amount of talent that LSU has got on the field in one of their final home games (and with LSU having a chance of getting in the SEC Championship Game if Alabama loses to Auburn (QUICK ADVANCE PREDICTION: WON’T BE HAPPENING!!!), Ole Miss fans should be happy if they get to fill themselves with gumbo before the game starts…and the Rebs are competitive in the fourth quarter.

BOTTOM LINE: LSU by three touchdowns. Sorry, Ole Miss.


At the start of the season, a lot of us thought that Arkansas would want to win this game to be BCS-competitive. Now, everyone sees only one winner: King Cowbell. Tyler Russell and his merry band of Bellers could have closed the game to within a touchdown at LSU if he hadn’t thrown a 100-yard pick six in the closing minute or two, and Mississippi State showed that they can still cause turnovers. Which will be good for Cow-Town Belles, because they love to ring when Dan Mullen’s boys do their thing (ED: Enough of the Cowbell stuff now!!). Tyler Wilson and Knile Davis now need to prove that they are NFL-worthy after a rough season, and to win a competitive one for one of the nicest guys in the business. It’s been a rough season.

BOTTOM LINE: Ring, ring, ding-a-ling. Mississippi State by 10.


Strange to say this, but both teams come away having caused an upset last week. Syracuse demolished previously-unbeaten Louisville, while Mizzou beat Tennessee in Neyland Stadium in four overtimes. Dorial Green-Beckham caught two touchdowns. This week, Missouri has the chance to get bowl eligible (and start a winning streak….of two!) in Columbia on Saturday. Can they do it against a suddenly revitalized Orange team?

BOTTOM LINE: Can they kick it? Yes they can! Missouri gets bowl eligible, by winning by 7 in a better game than most people think it would be.






Rammer Jammer Slammered: SEC Rankings

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, What in the **** happened, Alabama?

Tuscaloosa was full of sad faces as Texas A&M knocked off Alabama in the Game Of The Season (sorry, LSU game from last week!). But there were happy faces in Ole Miss (from Vandy fans, because their victory in Oxford ensured that they were bowl eligible for the second straight time – the first time this has happened in program history), Auburn (because Alabama lost, and from visiting Georgia fans because they won handily at Jordan-Hare), and other places in the SEC (because Alabama lost).

The only people super-furious, we should think, were Mike Slive and the SEC, because a) The SEC Championship Game is not going to be the biggest game on December 1st and b) The SEC right now isn’t going to be in the National Championship, because Oregon, Notre Dame and Kansas State are all unbeaten.

Anyway, here are our SEC Rankings after an amazing weekend of SEC Football. If you think the BCS rankings are hard to do, then try these ones….

1) Georgia – The Bulldogs are red-hot at the moment. The pollsters might look at the video and think: “Oh, they only beat Auburn 38-0”, but it could have been 60. Mark Richt called the Dawgs off very early indeed. This time will frighten Bama or LSU in the SEC title game.

2) Alabama – Yes, we realise that they lost, but if it hadn’t been for AJ McCarron’s INT in the end-zone, the Tide would have ended up winning this one…maybe.

3) LSU – While a 20-point victory doesn’t actually show how close the Mississippi State game was, LSU played well to take home victory. Their special teams could do with a bit of work, though. Oh, if only they’d beaten Saban last week, eh?

4) Florida – Victories aren’t normally horrific, but when they come against ULL in the last 5 seconds of a game – a week AFTER a 14-7 win over mighty Missouri – we know that the Gators were pretty overrated this year.

5) Texas A&M – Johnny. Football.

6) South Carolina – The horrible loss of Marcus Lattimore has been felt throughout Columbia, but at least the win over Arkansas helped matters.

7) Mississippi State – MSU could well have brought the game at LSU close if Tyler Russell hadn’t given up a 100-yard interception TD with a minute remaining. Don’t get us wrong- the Cowbellers are still overrated, but they ain’t as terrible as some people were making out.

8) Vanderbilt – Vanderbilt is bowl-eligible for the second straight time. This has never happened before in the program’s history. Good one, James Franklin 

9) Missouri – For those of you getting excited about Johnny Manziel, we’d like to throw out the name Dorial Green-Beckham, who had a coming-out party against Tennessee. This kid – if stays out of trouble – is gonna be good.

10) Ole Miss – Another week, another heart-breaking loss for Hugh Freeze’s side. This time is young, and will get better.

11) Tennessee – 0-6 in SEC play. Derek Dooley on the way out? We’ll start bidding for match tickets at Neyland Stadium for the Vandy game at $1.

12) Arkansas – I just looked at the stats: The Razorbacks are bad on both sides of the ball.

13) Kentucky – Because they didn’t play this week.

14) Auburn – Because they lost 38-0 (and the scoreline flattered them), their fanbase left at half-time and Gene Chizik has to go. Can the SEC not have a game in Atlanta on the Friday Night before the SEC Championship Game featuring the Tigers and Kentucky so we can find out who the SEC’s worst team is this year once and for all?

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