It’s Christmas come early for SEC fans. The 2013’s schedule is out!

Aug. 31

Ole Miss at Vanderbilt


Sept. 7

South Carolina at Georgia


Sept. 14

Alabama at Texas A&M

Mississippi State at Auburn

Vanderbilt at South Carolina


Sept. 21

Auburn at LSU

Tennessee at Florida


Sept. 28

Ole Miss at Alabama

Texas A&M at Arkansas

Florida at Kentucky

LSU at Georgia


Oct. 5

Arkansas at Florida

Ole Miss at Auburn

Georgia at Tennessee

Kentucky at South Carolina

LSU at Mississippi State

Missouri at Vanderbilt


Oct. 12

Alabama at Kentucky

South Carolina at Arkansas

Florida at LSU

Missouri at Georgia

Texas A&M at Ole Miss


Oct. 19

Arkansas at Alabama

Auburn at Texas A&M

Florida at Missouri

Georgia at Vanderbilt

South Carolina at Tennessee

LSU at Ole Miss


Oct. 26

Tennessee at Alabama

Kentucky at Mississippi State

South Carolina at Missouri

Vanderbilt at Texas A&M


Nov. 2

Auburn at Arkansas

Georgia vs. Florida (Jacksonville)

Mississippi State at South Carolina

Tennessee at Missouri


Nov. 9

LSU at Alabama

Arkansas at Ole Miss

Auburn at Tennessee

Vanderbilt at Florida

Missouri at Kentucky

Mississippi State at Texas A&M


Nov. 16

Alabama at Mississippi State

Georgia at Auburn

Florida at South Carolina

Kentucky at Vanderbilt


Nov. 23

Mississippi State at Arkansas

Kentucky at Georgia

Texas A&M at LSU

Missouri at Ole Miss

Vanderbilt at Tennessee


Nov. 30

Alabama at Auburn

Arkansas at LSU

Tennessee at Kentucky

Ole Miss at Mississippi State

Texas A&M at Missouri


* – Saturday dates listed / Subject to change based on television selections


2013 SEC Football Schedule (Conference Games Only)






Sept. 14                 at Texas A&M

Sept. 28                 OLE MISS

Oct. 12                   at Kentucky

Oct. 19                   ARKANSAS

Oct. 26                   TENNESSEE

Nov. 9                     LSU

Nov. 16                  at Mississippi State

Nov. 30                  at Auburn



Sept. 28                 TEXAS A&M

Oct. 5                     at Florida

Oct. 12                   SOUTH CAROLINA

Oct. 19                   at Alabama

Nov. 2                     AUBURN

Nov. 9                     at Ole Miss

Nov. 23                  MISSISSIPPI STATE

Nov. 30                  at LSU



Sept. 14                 MISSISSIPPI STATE

Sept. 21                 at LSU

Oct. 5                     OLE MISS

Oct. 19                   at Texas A&M

Nov. 2                     at Arkansas

Nov. 9                     at Tennessee

Nov. 16                  GEORGIA

Nov. 30                  ALABAMA



Sept. 21                 TENNESSEE

Sept. 28                 at Kentucky

Oct. 5                     ARKANSAS

Oct. 12                   at LSU

Oct. 19                   at Missouri

Nov. 2                     vs. Georgia (Jacksonville)

Nov. 9                     VANDERBILT

Nov. 16                  at South Carolina



Sept. 7                    SOUTH CAROLINA

Sept. 28                 LSU

Oct. 5                     at Tennessee

Oct. 12                   MISSOURI

Oct. 19                   at Vanderbilt

Nov. 2                     vs. Florida (Jacksonville)

Nov. 16                  at Auburn

Nov. 23                  KENTUCKY




Sept. 28                 FLORIDA

Oct. 5                     at South Carolina

Oct. 12                   ALABAMA

Oct. 26                   at Mississippi State

Nov. 9                     MISSOURI

Nov. 16                  at Vanderbilt

Nov. 23                  at Georgia

Nov. 30                  TENNESSEE



Sept. 21                 AUBURN

Sept. 28                 at Georgia

Oct. 5                     at Mississippi State

Oct. 12                   FLORIDA

Oct. 19                   at Ole Miss

Nov. 9                     at Alabama

Nov. 23                  TEXAS A&M

Nov. 30                  ARKANSAS



Aug. 31                  at Vanderbilt

Sept. 28                 at Alabama

Oct. 5                     at Auburn

Oct. 12                   TEXAS A&M

Oct. 19                   LSU

Nov. 9                     ARKANSAS

Nov. 23                  MISSOURI

Nov. 30                  at Mississippi State



Sept. 14                 at Auburn

Oct. 5                     LSU

Oct. 26                   KENTUCKY

Nov. 2                     at South Carolina

Nov. 9                     at Texas A&M

Nov. 16                  ALABAMA

Nov. 23                  at Arkansas

Nov. 30                  OLE MISS



Oct. 5                     at Vanderbilt

Oct. 12                   at Georgia

Oct. 19                   FLORIDA

Oct. 26                   SOUTH CAROLINA

Nov. 2                     TENNESSEE

Nov. 9                     at Kentucky

Nov. 23                  at Ole Miss

Nov. 30                  TEXAS A&M



Sept. 7                    at Georgia

Sept. 14                 VANDERBILT

Oct. 5                     KENTUCKY

Oct. 12                   at Arkansas

Oct. 19                   at Tennessee

Oct. 26                   at Missouri

Nov. 2                     MISSISSIPPI STATE

Nov. 16                  FLORIDA



Sept. 21                 at Florida

Oct. 5                     GEORGIA

Oct. 19                   SOUTH CAROLINA

Oct. 26                   at Alabama

Nov. 2                     at Missouri

Nov. 9                     AUBURN

Nov. 23                  VANDERBILT

Nov. 30                  at Kentucky



Sept. 14                 ALABAMA

Sept. 28                 at Arkansas

Oct. 12                   at Ole Miss

Oct. 19                   AUBURN

Oct. 26                   VANDERBILT

Nov. 9                     MISSISSIPPI STATE

Nov. 23                  at LSU

Nov. 30                  at Missouri



Aug. 31                  OLE MISS

Sept. 14                 at South Carolina

Oct. 5                     MISSOURI

Oct. 19                   GEORGIA

Oct. 26                   at Texas A&M

Nov. 9                     at Florida

Nov. 16                  KENTUCKY

Nov. 23                  at Tennessee

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