After hammering y’all with country music, we decided to chill out a little bit for the soundtrack to the next load of rankings – it’s a dance track called ‘Lazy’. If you don’t enjoy it, sorry.

Anyway, with this in mind, here’s our SEC Power Rankings After Week 6, where there’s been more than a little change.

1) Alabama – Nick Saban is all-powerful – so much so that HE WANTS NO HUDDLE OFFENSES STOPPED. So is this Alabama program at the moment. The question: How would they do against an Oregon or West Virginia? Quite well, we think…

2) South Carolina – I thought Florida was the pick of the SEC East until I saw South Carolina demolish Georgia on Saturday night. The defensive front is frightening, and Connor Shaw, Marcus Lattimore etc aren’t bad on the other side of the ball, either.

3) Florida – Beat LSU in a defensive war. Mike Gillislee is (again) the King of the Crocs. Be afraid of this team, SECers – particularly in the second half of games.

4) Mississippi State – Wasn’t spectacular against Kentucky, but it got the job done. Dan Mullen’s program remains unbeaten (which King Cowbell is above LSU and Georgia in the power rankings).

5) LSU – Injured. Hurt. Dropping catches. Lacking leadership. This Tigers program is hurting, folks, and hurting badly. Will it be able to pick itself for the visit of South Carolina on Saturday? It had better do!

6) Georgia – Wow. We haven’t seen Georgia play as badly as they did at Williams-Brice in years. Mark Richt’s trying to steady the ship, but aren’t the holes already there? Thoughts are out to Aaron Murray, who’s father was diagnosed with cancer last week.

7)  Texas A&M – Great comeback win at Ole Miss. Either shows how far Ole Miss has come, or how far the Aggies still have to go. But Kevin Sumlin’s giving the fanbase something to be excited about – and that’s great. Not that the Yell Leaders need anymore excitement, mind.

8) Tennessee – Still a lot of fun to watch: Tennessee’s offense. Still not a lot of fun to watch: Tennessee’s defense.

9) Ole Miss – Fought the Aggies tooth and claw, and SHOULD have come away with their first SEC victory in eons. However, this is Ole Miss, and everything’s done the hard way. But still, Ole Miss is improving and this is good to see.

10) Arkansas – Great win at Auburn to get the Razorbacks out of the basement and John L. Smith out of the line of fire (for one week, anyway). Still, we’d like to put an APB out for Knile Davis. Knile? Where are you?

11)  Vanderbilt – A win over Missouri propels up the SEC Basement – and it’s a good win for James Franklin, who needs every win he can get.

12) Missouri – Gary Pinkel’s been unlucky this year with injuries, but there is still the question that reverberates around our head: Is Missouri really ready for the SEC?

13) Auburn – Because after Saturday’s horrific performance against Arkansas, we think that Auburn would lose to Mizzou. And that Gene Chizik might be looking for another job.

14) Kentucky – Because this is a team that Auburn might actually beat. But the game would have to be Jordan-Hare and there would have to be the same injury problems as there are currently.

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