Right, it’s been a mad week in College Football – so much so that we’re going to rank our Top 14 straight away.

Without further ado, here’s where we are:

1) Alabama – Rolled to a 28-point lead over Missouri until the rains came. Then looked really scrappy, but the Tide dealt with the tests. And news just in: Eddie Lacy’s a beast. And so is that defensive line.

2) Florida – It wasn’t pretty against Vanderbilt, but it was effective. Jeff Driskell’s beginning to (whisper) remind people of (whisper) Tim Tebow. Oh, and that defense is as good as we thought they were. We’ll see how good the offensive line is against South Carolina. That game’s going to be a war in Gainseville.

3) LSU – That atmosphere in Tiger Stadium on Saturday night. My God. That atmosphere. Oh, and the offensive line and running game was HUGE, even if Zach Mettenberger really wasn’t. He made some nice throws though. And some awful ones.

4) South Carolina – Came to play in Tiger Stadium, but they couldn’t deal with the Bayou Bengals. Were they intimidated? Can you possibly say: Maybe??

5) Georgia – There is a half of a tree in the SEC, and the Bulldogs are on the bottom rung of the top half.

6) Mississippi State – A bit of drama in their win over Tennessee in Cowbell Central, but this is the first victory for Dan Mullen over team which isn’t that awful this season. Tyler Russell’s a solid QB, people. We can’t wait for the showdown with Alabama.

7) Texas A&M – We love Johnny Manziel. We’re not so convinced by the Aggies defense. Especially after last night, when they gave up 57 to Louisiana Tech. But they scored 59 – and that’s what matters.

8) Ole Miss – Great win by Ole Miss to get the monkey off their back and break a 16-game losing streak. And yes, we know it was Auburn, but did the Grove get rolled?

9) Vanderbilt – Played well against Florida – especially during the first quarter – but James Franklin’s side still lacked the edge to take Vandy to where they’ll be relevant this year. Still, Tennessee had better not sleep on the Commodores (if that’s a compliment).

10) Tennessee – We love the offense (they have a lot of it), but we loathe the defense (they have none). Which is why they couldn’t cause the upset in Starkville on Saturday night – even though they had the Bulldogs close.

11) Arkansas – We’ll go as far as saying we think a Razorbacks- Tennessee match-up would be like watching a Big XII game. Little defense, plenty of octane. The Hogs humiliated Kentucky for three quarters, before God intervened and got the game called off.

12) Missouri – Horrific weather conditions made you sorry for the student support which stuck around to watch the Tigers get put into their cage by the Crimson Tide. Still, they helped Verne & Gary be their sarcastic best.

13) Auburn – This team is awful.

14) Kentucky – This team is even worse than Auburn. And that’s saying something.

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