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Bama Slammers: Alabama leads five SEC teams into BCS top 10

If you want complete and utter dominance in College Football, look no further than the SEC.

Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina found themselves in the BCS top 10 – although Alabama has the only unblemished record. The Crimson Tide will put it on the line when they play LSU on Saturday, which – according to the bookies – they are already 10 point favorites for.

1. Alabama

2. Kansas State

3. Notre Dame

4. Oregon

5. LSU

6. Georgia

7. Florida

8. South Carolina

9. Florida State

10. Louisville

Good news for Cocks: Marcus Lattimore has ligament damage, but no more

There was good news for South Carolina Gamecocks fans:Marcus Lattimore’s injury isn’t as bad as feared.

A lot of South Carolina fans were fearing that the junior running back’s sickening injury in the Gamecocks’ victory over Tennessee on Saturday would mean an end to their player’s school – and NFL – career. As was Twitter, that suddenly abounded with rumors of fractured femurs and destroyed ligaments.

But South Carolina said in a statement: “University of South Carolina junior running back Marcus Lattimore suffered a significant impact to the front of his right knee during the Tennessee game on Saturday. The ensuing hyperextension of the knee resulted in injury to several ligaments. There were no fractures or additional injuries, according to team physician Dr. Jeffrey Guy. Lattimore’s surgically repaired left knee was uninjured during the play.

Lattimore is resting comfortably and will continue to be evaluated over the course of the week. Marcus has already begun the process of prehabilitation prior to surgery and to his eventual return to football.”

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier even said that he was considering redshirting the player for next season, and told the media: “We’re optimistic his football days are ahead of him”.

Dawgs bark, Tide rolls, Gators chomped, Everyone prays: SEC Rankings (Week 9)

It was a horrible week in the SEC.

After Ole Miss tries to recover from the car crash that killed THREE of its students in a car crash, news comes out this weekend that brother and sister both die in a car crash. RIP, Sarah and James Wheat. Prayers are with the Wheat family.

Second, Marcus Lattimore gets a horror show of an injury in South Carolina’s game against Tennessee. You mean, the kid needs MORE HARDSHIP, God? The injury is gruesome. If you really want to see, it, click here (for the record, we haven’t even watched it again). From a football perspective, this deprives South Carolina of a much-needed weapon. From a human perspective, this may well deprive the Lattimore family of their hopes and dreams in the future. Hang in there, Family Lattimore.

Oh, and the football. While Tennessee and South Carolina players prayed for Marcus Lattimore, the Chippy Drunkfest known as the World’s Biggest Outdoor Cocktail Party took place in Jacksonville, where Georgia played less badly than Florida and caused the upset. The game was big for penalties. And interceptions. That’s about it. And in Tuscaloosa, Machine Known As Alabama smote the Cowbell, and things only got worse for Auburn, as they were destroyed. At home. Against Texas A&M. Oh, and Missouri got its first win of its SEC career, defeating the mighty Kentucky. Ole Miss got its second win of the SEC schedule beating Arkansas on a last-minute field goal, and Vanderbilt – as predicted – destroyed U-Mass. Oh, and the fireworks were cool, too.

So here are the rankings – we’re going to go with Fun’s “Some Nights”. WARNING: It’s very catchy and moreish. SECOND WARNING: It’s got Civil War re-enactment. If you’re into that sort of thing.


1) Alabama – The Unstoppable Machine grabbed Mississippi State’s Cowbell and rammed it where the sun doesn’t shine. Nick Saban’s great highlight of the game was going ape at one of his defenders in the first half. Wow. That guy can explode.

2) LSU – We can’t wait for the Alabama- LSU clash in Baton Rouge on Saturday. At night. This is going to be Hurricane Cocktail.

3) Georgia – Jarvis Jones is a freak. In Manti Te’o’s a Heisman candidate, then there’s no reason that The Destroyer shouldn’t be, either. Jones may well be the No.1 NFL Draft pick in 2013, too. Oh, and Malcolm Mitchell gave the team a reason to celebrate on Flag Day.

4) Florida – Lost the Chippy Drunkfest, committing a multitude of turnovers in the process. Jeff Driskel and the Florida offensive line was torched by the Georgia rush (now THAT’s something that you don’t say every week), but they seemed to find a groove when they double-teamed Jarvis Jones. Until Jordan Reed went for six and had the ball punched out by – guess who – Jarvis Jones. And then cried.

5) South Carolina – All prayers to the South Carolina Nation after Marcus Lattimore’s injury. All we can say is that we are sorry.

6) Texas A&M – A&M had their trip to Auburn won when it scored 21 in practically no-time in the first half. Auburn wasn’t coming back. It didn’t. In fact, the Tigers got worse. That kid Johnny Manziel’s good, by the way.

7) Mississippi State – Cowbell’d in Tuscaloosa. There’s not a lot else you can say, apart from that at least our question “Who has Mississippi State played again?” was answered. Emphatically.

8) Ole Miss – Ole Miss’ season might have been one of the more exciting this season. On an emotional night for the Ole Miss Nation (see links above), The Rebs won on a last-second field goal at Arkansas, giving them their second SEC win of the year. They don’t do things easy, by God.

9) Tennessee – This team isn’t as bad as their record suggests. We promise. But that’s not going to help Derek Dooley.

10) Vanderbilt – They won. They hammered U-Mass. They finished homecoming with some cool fireworks. Ooh. Aah.

11) Arkansas – Did things the hard way and we really thought the Razorbacks would pull this one out. They didn’t, losing in a heartbreaker. Still, Tyler Wilson and Cobi Hamilton look like NFL Draft Picks, don’t they?

12) Missouri – Victory against Kentucky guarantees that they aren’t the worst team in the SEC East this year. Only one of them.

13) Kentucky – We can now unequivocally say two things: Kentucky isn’t the worst team in the SEC (that’s Auburn). And Joker Phillips is going to get fired at the end of the season.

14) Auburn – We can now unequivocally say two things: Auburn is the worst team in the SEC. And Gene Chizik should get fired at the end of the season. Could this team actually lose to 1-7 New Mexico State next week?



Will Bulldogs bark in Jacksonville and Alabama? Week 9 Preview


It’s Cocktail Party Weekend in Jacksonville, which means that Georgia and Florida fans will be getting together for football and fighting all weekend long this weekend. Avoid The Landing at all costs, if you value your sanity.

Anyways, as it’s a Party weekend, we’re going to go all party-themed for this round of SEC Predictions. Last week we weren’t too bad, folks.


Georgia’s wasn’t bad beating Kentucky. It was awful. And they went into the BCS Top 10 despite this, too. And while Florida’s 44-11 victory of South Carolina was definitely helped by FOUR Gamecocks turnovers (which Florida turned into points), helping to cover some of their usual offensive difficulties, the Gators go into this one as super-strong favorites. Florida’s running offense is good. Georgia has no running defense to speak of (see Kentucky putting up over 200 yards rushing for details). Georgia has a good quarterback in Aaron Murray – if the offensive line can keep him from getting killed. Georgia’s not that wonderful at stopping quick out-of-the-pocket quarterbacks – which is going to be a problem for the Dawgs as – you’ve guessed it – Florida’s Jeff Driskel is a good quarterback like that. In other words, the Cocktails are going to be fun, but we fear the game might be more than a little one-sided. Oh, and do you think the Florida fans will shout “Soft! Soft! Soft!” at Georgia’s D when they start giving up big plays? We say ‘yes’. If they speak by then…

BOTTOM LINE: Gators bite, don’t they? Florida by 10


Mississippi State is No.11 in the BCS despite playing absolutely nobody this season. That’s not to say that Dan Mullen hasn’t got a tidy outfit. Tyler Russell’s not made a lot of mistakes, his secondary’s looking fantastic and helping his team causing turnovers left, right and centre, and the sound of cowbell’s rung loudly week in, week out as the Bulldogs have put up a 7-0 record and currently are first in the SEC West. This week, though, is a whole other ballgame. Alabama is also 7-0. They are coached by the Best Damned Coach In The Land in Nick Saban, they are No.1 and they are a machine.

BOTTOM LINE: The unbeaten road ends here, Bulldogs. Alabama by 28.


It seems that TV analysts get all the fun. They get fired, they get hired by ESPN to be a talking head, and they get re-hired (Speaking of which, when’s someone going to take Dan Hawkins off ESPN’s hands?) Well, Jon Gruden’s doing a pretty solid job on Monday Night Football, but all the news this week was that he was coming into Knoxville to take the Tennessee job, with Dooley out even before the South Carolina game. Yep, they are that hysterical in Knoxville, folks. Tennessee fans don’t take losing very well, particularly the big rivals like Georgia, Florida and Alabama. And while the Vols really weren’t bad (for the first half) against Alabama, Tyler Bray threw interceptions and made other bad decisions, and Alabama smashed them in the mouth. Anyway this week Dooley has one last shot at redemption: South Carolina. This South Carolina team will play Tennessee on the back of two humiliating losses on the road (they may have lost to LSU by two points, but they were outplayed, and they were destroyed at Florida after constantly giving the Gators short position). The problem for Tennessee? The game’s at Williams-Brice, and the Gamecocks will be cookin’ up a sandstorm.

BOTTOM LINE: Joooooooon!!!! Where are you?? Gamecocks win by 21

THE “[SEC] BASEMENT PARTY” – Kentucky vs Missouri

This has been no party for either side, but the odds are that one’s going to be in his job after the season is over (Gary Pinkel) and one won’t be (Joker Phillips). Missouri have been horrible in their first season in the SEC, while Kentucky has just been plain horrible. Both are completely hamstrung by injuries, although Kentucky seem to have found some sort of a groove against Georgia, which meant that they were unlucky to lose at home to the Bulldogs. This game’s going to be horrible to watch.

BOTTOM LINE: Missouri by 6 in a game that if you don’t have to watch, you’ll be lucky.

THE “COMIN’ RIGHT” PARTY – Ole Miss vs Arkansas

For us, both sides are comin’ right at just the right time. Ole Miss has been playing pretty well all year (well, it’s offense has, anyway), and they have a SEC win for the year, which is better than the last two’s experience. Hugh Freeze has his team ticking well, but heck, look out for Arkansas. John L.Smith’s suddenly lit a fire under the Hogs, who have won two straight and will be gunning for a third – particularly if future NFLer Tyler Wilson and wide receiver Cobi Hamilton are on form. We worry for Ole Miss’ defense in this one. We also sorry for Arkansas’ defense in this one.

BOTTOM LINE: This is going to be ugly, but Big XII ugly (ie high-scoring with not a whole lot of ‘D’). Arkansas wins by 14. 


A&M should have beaten LSU on Saturday. There’s no escaping that. Johnny Manziel and his offense killed themselves by committing five turnovers in their loss to LSU, but this kid’s definitely a talent. Auburn – who are the lowest of low when it comes to confidence at the moment – aren’t going to enjoy playing him or the Aggies offence – especially as their defence is pretty dreadful, too.

BOTTOM LINE: The agony continues for Auburn: A&M by 10


We’ve called this game The ‘Back To The Tailgate By Half-Time’ Party, because everyone will be back to the tailgate by half-time after Vandy puts up 21 and the game is effectively over.

BOTTOM LINE: Vanderbilt by 35. In a game that will, by the way, be over by half-time. If we haven’t mentioned it before.



As Gators chomp, Aggies get ‘Les Miles-ed’ and Tide Roll – Week 8 SEC Rankings

We would go on and on about Steve Spurrier getting Spurrier-ed in The Swamp, Texas A&M finding out what it’s like when you don’t put away a team led by Les Miles, and how awful Georgia was at Kentucky, but we’ll let the rankings reflect our rambling thoughts.

1) Alabama – Darth Saban’s Crimson Death Star is blowing up every rebel ship in its way. This team seems to make no mistakes and is happy to simply crush the opposition – as Tennessee found out in a 31-point blow-out. And the women love it!!!

2) Florida – Will Muschamp’s side gets the turnovers, and then punishes those making the mistakes savagely and without mercy. The eternal sound on CBS on the ‘Gator Chomp’ was more than a little bit annoying, but when the chant’s led by lovely Gator co-eds and cheerleaders, we didn’t complain too much. There will be a lot of chomping at the Cocktail Party, folks. Oh, and we hate this guy…..

3) LSU – Were outplayed in the first half, but still came out with a 14-12 lead. Taught Texas A&M the true value of not turning the ball over (the Aggies had FIVE turnovers), and running the ball (219 yards rushing – with Jeremy Hill leading the way with an excellent 47-yard icer). But their problem is still Zach Mettenberger, who was 11-for-29 for 97 yards, 1 TD, and 417 overthrows. In fact, Tracy Wolfson should watch out when she’s on the sideline for the Alabama game. She might get hurt. Like this NFL reporter almost did.

4) South Carolina – Three words we don’t usually use for Steve Spurrier: “Hammered. Hurt. Humiliated.” All three apply to his teams (well, the offense and the special teams, anyway!) after their adventure at The Swamp.

5) Mississippi State- Dan Mullen’s are unbeaten. Next stop for the Cowbell-ers…Alabama. We have ‘Bama as a 21-point favorite, by the way. We think the Bulldogs are pretty good, but Alabama is a class above.

6) Georgia – The Bulldogs were absolutely dreadful in their win over Kentucky. There’s no other way of saying them. Unless miracles happen between now and 3.30pm next Saturday, the smell of barbecue after the game won’t be Gator, it’ll be Dawg.

7) Texas A&M – This is a free lesson for you, Johnny Football: TURNOVERS WILL KILL YOU. NO MATTER IF YOU’RE SUPERMAN. I’m sure you know this, but we wanted to point this out again. And again. And again. By the way, the atmosphere in Kyle Field was off the hook. The ending of the game was pretty cool, though…

8) Ole Miss – Did nothing but didn’t get blown out by Alabama. Tennessee did. Ergo, they rise about Tennessee in the rankings.

9) Tennessee – Dear Smokey, can you and Lassie go and find the Volunteers some heart? It seems to have left Neyland Stadium and gone elsewhere. Quite possibly wearing orange pants, and has a sour taste in its mouth. Possibly because of getting beaten by Alabama….again.

10) Arkansas – The Razorbacks are top of the ‘pile’ (we won’t go into details, but you can probably guess), simply because their offense might actually save their defense this year. We’ll see in the Ole Miss game, which is actually bigger than a lot of people expect – as both sides are gunning for bowl eligibility (especially with the last three games for the Hogs being South Carolina, MSU and LSU).

11) Vanderbilt – We thought this year that the Commodores might be the second-worst team in the SEC East. We were wrong. They are the third-worst.

12) Missouri – The Tigers might find out how bad they actually are when they play the  ‘S***ty Showdown’ against Kentucky on Saturday. Coming to you at 12.21pm on exclusively SEC Network! Yaaaaaay!

13) Kentucky – Played well against Georgia, but couldn’t come up with the goods. Some dumb penalties in the fourth quarter didn’t help, either. There’s a future with this team, but it probably won’t involve Joker Phillips after this year. So Wildcats fans hope.

14) Auburn – In Auburn, Alabama, a pastor was preaching about the Tigers, the 2012 season, and the future of Gene Chizik. He had only two words: “Dear God…..” And  he then stopped. He didn’t need to continue. Everyone got the picture.

Gators, Tide, Tigers chomping at the bit: 8 Things About the SEC After Week 8

1) Well, South Carolina got a fine lesson in not turning the ball over, didn’t they? The Gamecocks had four turnovers, and were punished for each one. Heck, they were punished for everything else they did badly, too by the Gators and tens of thousands of Gator fans chomping at the bit for more.

2) As for Texas A&M – another game with a fantastic atmosphere – Kyle Field learned what it’s like to be Les Miles-ed, where your team outplays the Tigers for half-a-game only to go in at the break losing and then being smashmouthed by defense and running backs for the second. LSU wasn’t great in Aggieland, but sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than great – especially if your quarterback’s Zach Mettenberger. The guy needs non-stop lessons about not overthrowing his receiver.  Oh, and A&M went back to its old self of giving up a double-digit lead.

3) We don’t know if they were looking towards Jacksonville, but Georgia was dreadful against Kentucky on Sunday night. They were unable to run the ball or throw it particularly well, and we saw nothing that makes us think that the Dawgs – which suddenly are in the driver’s seat in the SEC East (if they beat Florida and don’t, er, play like Georgia has been throughout 2012) – will beat Florida, and everything to think that Mike Gillislee could put up 150 yards on his own on Saturday.

4) Kentucky: Where have you been this season? Your team played with heart, courage and some defense! Why did Joker Phillips wait until now to get his team up for the challenge? Wildcats fans: There is a future. It might not be in Atlanta anytime soon (unless you want to play a season opener in the Georgia Dome), but you know what, this suddenly didn’t become a dreadful side. Unless, of course, Georgia really were that bad…

5) Johnny Manziel: Some runs got the heart racing. This player is going to be God in Aggieland for years to come. In a place that loves its heroes, this could be the biggest since The Bear. But for crying out loud, the turnovers are going to kill him – as they did against LSU, and he has to learn that he can’t do everything.

6) We dubbed Vanderbilt and Auburn the ‘Car Crash Bowl’, because watching the game was distinctly uncomfortable and we felt genuinely like going to church and apologizing to God for watching it. It was absolutely horrific. Vandy won, by the way. Auburn’s stretch of losing to teams it doesn’t usually lose to continues. I bet the Tigers fans can’t wait for their drubbing in the Iron Bowl. Oh, and congratulations to Zac Stacy for being Vandy’s top running back in the school’s history. Nice one. He even got a touchdown for the pleasure…..Auburn didn’t seem to want to tackle him.

7) Tennessee looked OK in the first half against Alabama, only trailing by 10 at half time. Then, Tennessee – and in particular Tyler Bray (who threw 2 picks and overthrew his receivers) made the mistakes and Alabama capitalised, and Darth Saban’s Death Star  rolls on. Is there any team that can beat the Crimson Tide this year?


Why UGA can’t get in the SEC Championship Game (Revisited)

2013’s schedule came out, and already Georgia has gone to the top of everyone’s SEC list, because they’ve got a horrible schedule.

Check this out:

Aug. 31 at Clemson 
Sept. 7 South Carolina 
Sept. 14 Open
Sept. 21 North Texas
Sept. 28 LSU 
Oct. 5 at Tennessee 
Oct. 12 Missouri
Oct. 19 at Vanderbilt
Oct. 26 Open
Nov. 2 vs. Florida 
Nov. 9 Appalachian State
Nov. 16 at Auburn
Nov. 23 Kentucky
Nov. 30 at Georgia Tech

Highlighted are the games we think the Dawgs will struggle or lose in. It could be an 8-4, 7-5 year. Otherwise, Athens is not going to be happy.

But let’s not talk about 2013 anymore – we’ve still got a few games left on the 2012 one yet.

UGA might not want to be reminded, but the last time they came out to play a game, the Bulldog was neutered in Williams-Brice Stadium. Heck, it probably would have been worse than 35-7 if Spurrier hadn’t, ahem, called the dogs off.

Florida then turned around and gave Steve Spurrier one of the biggest ass-whoopings he has ever been given in The Swamp on Saturday, to basically give Georgia – who snuck by Kentucky in one of the more crappy performances of the 2012 season – hope of running the table and going back to the SEC Championship Game.

Yes, we agree that mathematically they can get to the SEC Championship Game, because all they have to do is beat Florida at the Cocktail Party and avoid playing incredibly badly against Ole Miss, Auburn and Georgia Tech to win out.

But “All they have to do is beat Florida”.

Georgia couldn’t run the ball on Kentucky – totalling just 77 yards. It’s as though there was no offensive line at times. And to make matters worse, Georgia’s defense was getting destroyed by a pretty poor running offense – they miss Jarvis Jones so, so much. Kentucky ran for 206 yards on them. Think that Mike Gillislee and a better Florida offensive line won’t cause the Dawgs problems?

Also, Georgia makes a ton of mistakes. Florida thrives on other team’s mistakes – see Tennessee, Texas A&M and South Carolina for details – and punishes them like an angry British teacher whipping a naughty schoolboy with a cane….sadistically.

So yes, Georgia could well go to the SEC Championship Game IF they beat Florida. But by looks of the performance on Saturday, they won’t.

Back to 2012: Week 8 SEC Predictions

Now that the SEC schedule for 2013’s arrived, Christmas has descended early on the Southland and now we’re virtually ignoring what is still a gangbusters 2012 for the conference.

Alabama and Florida were named your BCS No. 1 and No.2 – although that won’t be the National Championship Game unless all hell breaks loose on the schedule.

Anyway, here are our predictions for this week.

And the soundtrack? We’re going with the Drive By Truckers’ ‘Kings Of The South’, from their incredible album ‘Southern Rock Opera’. It’s a beautiful thing….

So here we go….


If we believe Steve Spurrier, Marcus Lattimore and virtually the whole Gamecocks side is out of the game with bruises, cuts, or rabies. But while half of us wants to believe the Ole Ball Coach, the other half thinks it’s a bit of a smokescreen after the 23-21 loss at LSU where the Gamecocks were outclassed in the boiling pot known as Tiger Stadium. As for Florida, they woke up in the fourth quarter against Vanderbilt, but the Gators were poor. Having said that, Jeff Driskell’s still breaking games open, and if South Carolina is as ill and injured as they say, then they are going to struggle with his speed (as well as that of Mike Gillislee, who should be considered for a Heisman right now). Oh, and the game’s going to be The Swamp, where old fans of the 4-point favored Gators will respect Steve Spurrier, but the young ones won’t be so friendly. It’s going to be one hell of an atmosphere – even for 3.30 in the afternoon.

BOTTOM LINE: With South Carolina’s injuries, Florida gets a jump on South Carolina and never lets go. Florida by 7. Of course, if you believe Steve Spurrier.


Some people are really ****ed off that this game’s on at 12.30 (11.30 Texas time), but not us: It means we get to watch a good match-up all the way through the day (Well, until the first quarter of Alabama vs Tennessee’s over, anyway!). Field goal-favorite LSU knows what it’s going up against: A very, very loud crowd, male cheerleaders, and some guy called Johnny Football, who’s thrown for 1,600 yards and run for nearly 700 more. He’s the second coming of Aggie Jesus. LSU was great against the run last week, but can they do the same after a game like that?

BOTTOM LINE: LSU wins by 7 in a game that goes down to the wire. Johnny Football plays well though.


We just have this to say: Tennessee sure knew how to make 20-point favorite Alabama angry when they decided that this game – of all games in the 2012 season – would be the one to honor the man that Crimson Tide fans despise the most: Phil Fulmer. Vegas should have moved the line on this one, because we think that it’ll prompt Nick Saban will try and go for it in the third quarter – even when the game’s out of hand and Neyland’s empty. But it should be a fantastic atmosphere before the game – even though tickets are going from just $50. And there’s really not a bad seat in Neyland, friends. Oh, and the rumors are untrue that instead of pledging (which they are no longer allowed to do in Tuscaloosa), Alabama frats are simply making their guys sit in front of the TV and watch all four quarters of this one – which will be a struggle, even for a Tide fan.

BOTTOM LINE: Alabama out of sight. Crimson Tide by 27.


We really enjoy listening to’s Auburn podcasts, and this one’s not any different. However, the Auburn fans seem to be misguided if they think that Auburn’s going to turn it around from the mess that they are already in. The quarterback situation is nothing less than terrible. The team can’t seem to play for four quarters (see Ole Miss for details). People want Gene Chizik out. And 7-point favorite Vanderbilt – despite being rather disappointing this year – aren’t really that great either, but Jordan Rodgers & Co can really pull this off and call this a scalp!

BOTTOM LINE: Vanderbilt wins by 10. That’s how bad we think Auburn is.


If there’s one team more awful than Auburn this season, it’s Kentucky – but unfortunately for us all, Auburn and Kentucky aren’t playing each other this year, so we can’t have three hours of train crash on Jefferson Sports Pilot (or whatever it’s called now) to laugh. Because believe us, it would provide the hilarity. And while it seems that the knives are already out for Joker Phillips (if you believe everybody, Joker Phillips is going to be following John L. Smith out the door quickly), people are sharpening them for Mark Richt – particularly after the Bulldogs’ abysmal performance at South Carolina, when they were hit by a few Spurrier haymakers in the first quarter and simply couldn’t get up. If 27-point favorite Georgia doesn’t perform exceptionally – and we mean win by at least four or five touchdowns – Athens may well get sacked (check out me and my classic Greek references!!)

BOTTOM LINE: Georgia storms back, winning by 40. Doesn’t win any friends with the BCS though – even with South Carolina losing.


Ready for our prediction? Really ready? We think Mississippi State’s going to win easily! There you go!

BOTTOM LINE: CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! Cowbell ring a lot as Mississippi State runs wild, wining by 28.

SEC releases 2013 Football schedule

It’s Christmas come early for SEC fans. The 2013’s schedule is out!

Aug. 31

Ole Miss at Vanderbilt


Sept. 7

South Carolina at Georgia


Sept. 14

Alabama at Texas A&M

Mississippi State at Auburn

Vanderbilt at South Carolina


Sept. 21

Auburn at LSU

Tennessee at Florida


Sept. 28

Ole Miss at Alabama

Texas A&M at Arkansas

Florida at Kentucky

LSU at Georgia


Oct. 5

Arkansas at Florida

Ole Miss at Auburn

Georgia at Tennessee

Kentucky at South Carolina

LSU at Mississippi State

Missouri at Vanderbilt


Oct. 12

Alabama at Kentucky

South Carolina at Arkansas

Florida at LSU

Missouri at Georgia

Texas A&M at Ole Miss


Oct. 19

Arkansas at Alabama

Auburn at Texas A&M

Florida at Missouri

Georgia at Vanderbilt

South Carolina at Tennessee

LSU at Ole Miss


Oct. 26

Tennessee at Alabama

Kentucky at Mississippi State

South Carolina at Missouri

Vanderbilt at Texas A&M


Nov. 2

Auburn at Arkansas

Georgia vs. Florida (Jacksonville)

Mississippi State at South Carolina

Tennessee at Missouri


Nov. 9

LSU at Alabama

Arkansas at Ole Miss

Auburn at Tennessee

Vanderbilt at Florida

Missouri at Kentucky

Mississippi State at Texas A&M


Nov. 16

Alabama at Mississippi State

Georgia at Auburn

Florida at South Carolina

Kentucky at Vanderbilt


Nov. 23

Mississippi State at Arkansas

Kentucky at Georgia

Texas A&M at LSU

Missouri at Ole Miss

Vanderbilt at Tennessee


Nov. 30

Alabama at Auburn

Arkansas at LSU

Tennessee at Kentucky

Ole Miss at Mississippi State

Texas A&M at Missouri


* – Saturday dates listed / Subject to change based on television selections


2013 SEC Football Schedule (Conference Games Only)






Sept. 14                 at Texas A&M

Sept. 28                 OLE MISS

Oct. 12                   at Kentucky

Oct. 19                   ARKANSAS

Oct. 26                   TENNESSEE

Nov. 9                     LSU

Nov. 16                  at Mississippi State

Nov. 30                  at Auburn



Sept. 28                 TEXAS A&M

Oct. 5                     at Florida

Oct. 12                   SOUTH CAROLINA

Oct. 19                   at Alabama

Nov. 2                     AUBURN

Nov. 9                     at Ole Miss

Nov. 23                  MISSISSIPPI STATE

Nov. 30                  at LSU



Sept. 14                 MISSISSIPPI STATE

Sept. 21                 at LSU

Oct. 5                     OLE MISS

Oct. 19                   at Texas A&M

Nov. 2                     at Arkansas

Nov. 9                     at Tennessee

Nov. 16                  GEORGIA

Nov. 30                  ALABAMA



Sept. 21                 TENNESSEE

Sept. 28                 at Kentucky

Oct. 5                     ARKANSAS

Oct. 12                   at LSU

Oct. 19                   at Missouri

Nov. 2                     vs. Georgia (Jacksonville)

Nov. 9                     VANDERBILT

Nov. 16                  at South Carolina



Sept. 7                    SOUTH CAROLINA

Sept. 28                 LSU

Oct. 5                     at Tennessee

Oct. 12                   MISSOURI

Oct. 19                   at Vanderbilt

Nov. 2                     vs. Florida (Jacksonville)

Nov. 16                  at Auburn

Nov. 23                  KENTUCKY




Sept. 28                 FLORIDA

Oct. 5                     at South Carolina

Oct. 12                   ALABAMA

Oct. 26                   at Mississippi State

Nov. 9                     MISSOURI

Nov. 16                  at Vanderbilt

Nov. 23                  at Georgia

Nov. 30                  TENNESSEE



Sept. 21                 AUBURN

Sept. 28                 at Georgia

Oct. 5                     at Mississippi State

Oct. 12                   FLORIDA

Oct. 19                   at Ole Miss

Nov. 9                     at Alabama

Nov. 23                  TEXAS A&M

Nov. 30                  ARKANSAS



Aug. 31                  at Vanderbilt

Sept. 28                 at Alabama

Oct. 5                     at Auburn

Oct. 12                   TEXAS A&M

Oct. 19                   LSU

Nov. 9                     ARKANSAS

Nov. 23                  MISSOURI

Nov. 30                  at Mississippi State



Sept. 14                 at Auburn

Oct. 5                     LSU

Oct. 26                   KENTUCKY

Nov. 2                     at South Carolina

Nov. 9                     at Texas A&M

Nov. 16                  ALABAMA

Nov. 23                  at Arkansas

Nov. 30                  OLE MISS



Oct. 5                     at Vanderbilt

Oct. 12                   at Georgia

Oct. 19                   FLORIDA

Oct. 26                   SOUTH CAROLINA

Nov. 2                     TENNESSEE

Nov. 9                     at Kentucky

Nov. 23                  at Ole Miss

Nov. 30                  TEXAS A&M



Sept. 7                    at Georgia

Sept. 14                 VANDERBILT

Oct. 5                     KENTUCKY

Oct. 12                   at Arkansas

Oct. 19                   at Tennessee

Oct. 26                   at Missouri

Nov. 2                     MISSISSIPPI STATE

Nov. 16                  FLORIDA



Sept. 21                 at Florida

Oct. 5                     GEORGIA

Oct. 19                   SOUTH CAROLINA

Oct. 26                   at Alabama

Nov. 2                     at Missouri

Nov. 9                     AUBURN

Nov. 23                  VANDERBILT

Nov. 30                  at Kentucky



Sept. 14                 ALABAMA

Sept. 28                 at Arkansas

Oct. 12                   at Ole Miss

Oct. 19                   AUBURN

Oct. 26                   VANDERBILT

Nov. 9                     MISSISSIPPI STATE

Nov. 23                  at LSU

Nov. 30                  at Missouri



Aug. 31                  OLE MISS

Sept. 14                 at South Carolina

Oct. 5                     MISSOURI

Oct. 19                   GEORGIA

Oct. 26                   at Texas A&M

Nov. 9                     at Florida

Nov. 16                  KENTUCKY

Nov. 23                  at Tennessee

10 Points About Week 7 Of The SEC Season

Now that the BCS Standings are out, we’ve been assured of this: The SEC is the best conference in college football, and the pollsters and the computers know it.

Alabama’s for real. Florida’s for real. Heck, South Carolina and LSU are for real. Get out of our way, rest of college football…..We’re gunning for another Crystal Ball, and if you get out of our way, you’ll get chomped, crushed, or impaled.

Anyway, here’s our 10 thoughts from a wild Week 7 of the College Football season.

1) What an atmosphere in Tiger Stadium on Saturday. We could feel the tremors across America. LSU was the better side on Saturday, and beat South Carolina 23-21 thanks to a breakout performance from running back Jeremy Hill and their patchwork offensive line. But the real love goes to the LSU crowd, who created one of the most intimidating atmospheres in college football (although Williams-Brice ain’t bad either, we’ve heard!). Still, Zach Mettenberger’s not a great quarterback, and everybody knows it. Sorry, Zach…

2) South Carolina’s running attack was brutalised by LSU, who limited Marcus Lattimore and the rest of the Cocks to just 34 yards rushing. And Connor Shaw threw an horrific interception which set up LSU’s winning touchdown. But South Carolina’s defense is still excellent, although they really do have to tame the pass rush habits of Jadeveon Clowney. He’s overly aggressive sometimes and gets found out with a quick slant pass or a quick rush. Don’t think Will Muschamp hasn’t noticed.

3) Speaking of Will Muschamp, his Gators were pretty ordinary at Vanderbilt, to be honest. In fact, Vandy got close and we thought they might actually cause the upset, but they became, er, Vanderbilt again. James Franklin’s got all the pomp and circumstance with this band, but he needs the finale. He’ll get it, but he’s got to change the habit of decades with this Vanderbilt team.

4) Tennessee’s Derek Dooley overtook Gene Chizik and Joker Phillips in the Race For An Early Vacation after his Tennessee team was humbled at Mississippi State. Dooley cut a sad figure in a wheelchair from the press box watching on as Tennessee came close to MSU, and then fell back again after some quarterbacking mistakes and no mercy from Dan Mullen.

5) Dan Mullen, Dan Mullen, Dan Mullen. All we can really say about Mississippi State is that a) It wasn’t a cool move running up the score with a minute left. Karma will pay you back (see Auburn at Ole Miss for details). b) Your Cowbells are deafeningly loud. c) We’ll see if your team’s actually any good when you play Alabama and LSU. We’re not convinced about anything on your team yet. Sorry.

6) Ole Miss by damn! Congrats to the Rebels on ending their SEC winless streak at 16. The Grove must have been one hell of a party on Saturday night after whipping Auburn 41-20 in an electric performance that’s given some credence to our comments: “Ole Miss has come a long way under Hugh Freeze in an unexpectedly short space of time”.

7) Et tu, Auburn? The Tigers are seriously bad enough that they’ve gone second last in our SEC Rankings List. Just about Kentucky….

8) ….Who we’re convinced are worse than Auburn. Kentucky is so bad we think Samford’s going to be a big game for the Wildcats.

9) A nice win for Arkansas. John L.Smith has got us all smiling again. They hammered Kentucky before the game was called off.

10) Alabama’s a machine. Missouri just got in the way.

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