Tyrann Mathieu won’t ever be playing for the LSU Tigers again, according to school compliance director Bo Bahnsen.

He said: “He’s permanently ineligible to play football at LSU. That’s definite. That’s what was said Friday.”

Also Les Miles seemed in slightly more forgiving mode in a press conference on Tuesday, when he said: “I certainly am rooting for Ty and whatever his future is, but I’m not focused on him. I’ve got games to play.” He added: “I’ve got 104 guys that I have to be ready for. I know this is a very key time in (Mathieu’s) life, and I hope the decisions he makes are in his best interest for the long term. We’ll help any way we can.”

He also did not remark whether Mathieu would be given a full transfer, allowing him to go to SEC rivals (after Florida was bitten by Cam Newton, who in their right mind would do that again?), although the thought is is that the ‘Honey Badger’ might go and play FCS football and try and start a NFL career a year early – thanks to his prodigious play-making and special teams talents.

As for Mathieu, he hasn’t said anything yet, and it is thought that he won’t be saying anything on Wednesday.

BOTTOM LINE: If he can’t stay at LSU, Mathieu should transfer to a FBS school and start afresh. We just don’t think at FCS school will do him – or his potential career in the NFL – any good. 

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