Not that anyone gambles on the game of College Football, but if they did, they might be interested to know that one of Las Vegas’ bigger sportsbooks has released its estimates for this year’s college football season.

We’re not going to go into wild detail for all the schools, but here are the SEC estimates. And no, we don’t know why Georgia hasn’t been mentioned, although we can only presume it’s because of the different disciplinary issues – one of them notably with Baccari Rambo.

LSU  – 10.5

Alabama – 10.5

Arkansas – 8.5

South Carolina – 8.5

Florida – 7.5

Mississippi State – 7.5

Tennessee – 7.5

Missouri – 7.5

Auburn -7.5

Texas A&M – 7.5

Vanderbilt – 5.5

Kentucky – 4.5

Mississippi – 3.5

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