South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw has hammered the Gamecocks kit supplier Under Armour in a Twitter comment today that’s bound to cause ripples around the SEC.

Shaw said on Thursday night: “3rd time the sole of my Under Armour shoes have completely busted. And we wonder why so many people have “freak” foot injuries on the team.

Under Armour is currently involved in a kit deal with South Carolina, that willĀ eventually pay the university $1.2m in its final year in 2016.

Shaw has since taken down his comment. He added on another tweet: “It was just a matter of time“. We can only wonder – are we talking about the foot injuries or the time it took for someone at USC to demand he take his tweet down?

BOTTOM LINE: If there IS an issue with Under Armour cleats, USC NEEDS to speak to the manufacturers, because they can’t afford to have a string of injuries on a team that will challenge for a SEC East title this year.

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