A few months after the SEC Meetings in Florida, we’re getting a play-off in college football – and it’s all to the SEC’s advantage, because if that group is going to sit and talk about ALL schedules – not just non-conference schedules – then it’s going to be SEC all the way.

So anyway, here’s what we expect the coaches to talk about at the SEC Media Days from now on in (sorry about missing Mssrs Pinkel, Spurrier, Franklin and Sumlin, but we’ve been away (but you will be caught up on what they said).

We expect:

  • Nick Saban to talk about Alabama’s recruiting, re-tooling after another National Championship, and of course – as happens every year – oversigning. And how Auburn’s trees are recovering after being poisoned by Harvey Updyke.
  • Hugh Freeze on how he’s going to help making the going-to-the-game experience more fun that simply partying on The Grove, and expect him to mention Jesus once or twice. As well as Michael Oher.
  • Dan Mullen on what Mississippi State is going to do to challenge for the SEC West and life after Vick Ballard.
  • Gene Chizik on what in the heck happened with Michael Dyer, and how Auburn’s recovering from the shootings which killed two former Auburn players. Oh, and maybe how the Auburn trees are.
  • Joker Phillips on how Kentucky’s going to replace Anthony Davis and the rest of Big Blue and all other manner of questions pertaining to Kentucky basketball. Oh, and nothing really about football.
  • John L. Smith on whether he’ll be riding motorbikes into work, or talking to workers at Arkansas. And if he’s got any change to the offensive gameplan post-Petrino.

We also read the SEC’s note to James Franklin before he took the podium on Day 1. It read: JAMES FRANKLIN WILL NOT MENTION HOW HE RECRUITS AT VANDERBILT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (after last time), but of course, he’s welcome to mention how the Commodores are going to progress this year, and Vandy’s excellent start to recruiting.

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