LSU coach Les Miles was his usual quotable self at his SEC Media Conference his Hoover, Alabama.

Here are a list of some of the more juicy things he said in what was an unusually straight press conference.

  • About the Alabama National Championship Game Loss: “‘I’ve seen [the game] a couple times. There weren’t that many plays for us on offense for me to spend that much time [on].
  • On his EA commercial: “I really thought that Mike the Tiger stole the show. We didn’t get along on the set. He was kind of working the camera. It was really a difficult time”.
  • On Tyrann Mathieu and (yet another) Twitter outburst on July 13th: “I didn’t get the Twitter rant exactly. I do recognize that there’s some verbal squabble, if you will, at times. The only thing I can tell you is that our guys are certainly proud of their team and how they’ll want to compete. I think he probably represented that. I can tell you that no game is won in a Twitter page. It’s a nice, pleasant pastime, very much like Media Days. But it’s all about what you earn in the fall. I think certainly not only Tyrann, but those people that he was communicating with, they understand that, as well.”
  • On Texas A&M on Thanksgiving: “I don’t know how we could play both Arkansas and Texas A&M on the same weekend.”
  • On new QB Zach Mettenberger: “The reality is he throws the ball extremely well. He makes all the throws. So, you know, we’re going to take advantage of some of those secondaries that want to come up and crowd the front and really try to stop the run. We suspect we’ll see some more pass coverage and then have an opportunity to run it a little bit more. I think our quarterback can throw it. It’s going to be more in the learning curve. The good news is he’s not a young quarterback. He’s had time. He’s had a full junior college slate, been with us for a year in transition. Now it looks to me that he’s kind of ready to go to the field. He’s not that freshman, that sophomore that really doesn’t understand the game. He has that.”
  • On the new play-off system: “The interesting thing is, over time the great scrutiny of this country on that selection committee will be very significant. They’ll have to get it right. They’ll have to defend their vote. I think that they’ll find people from backgrounds that are not conference driven. Even if they were conference driven, they’re just so tremendously loyal to the SEC, they would vote for the best teams, period. Same thing if they were Big Ten proponents or PAC-12, whatever. The point is that the person on the committee have integrity and be able to go beyond what would be natural conference allegiance. College football is too important. They’re going to want to pick the best four. As long as they do that, they’ll be fine.”
  • On Texas A&M and Missouri’s arrival into the SEC:  “I think they’ll have to recognize that there’s a little different breed of defense in this conference.”
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