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Isaiah Crowell gets thumbs up for transfer

Former Georgia Bulldogs running back Isaiah Crowell, who was booted out of Athens after getting arrested on felony gun charges at the end of June, has found a new home: Alabama State.

According to, Crowell has been confirmed and will be able to suit up for the FCS Hornets in their first game on the road at Bethune-Cookman on September 2nd.

Coach Reggie Barlow told the website: “I talked with Mrs. Debbie, Isaiah’s mom, and I really wanted to get clearance from them to be able to go ahead and say that it was a go. She’s given me permission to do that. He’s been admitted and will start our second session of summer school on Monday.

Barlow added in the interview: “As we were showing him around that’s one of the things I heard him whispering to his mom, ‘man, a new beginning,'” Barlow said. “I imagine he’s got the thought process of having the opportunity to restore his name, his credibility and all that.

Barlow added that it was his players who wanted Crowell to come and be a piece of the Hornets’ nest – which finished 8-3 last season and second in the SWAC.

BOTTOM LINE: Good news for Crowell for things to be finished so quickly on the footballing side. The hopes and prayers for the Crowell family is that the felony gun charge will also be dropped.


After dismissing Isaiah Crowell on Saturday after their troubled star’s arrest on gun charges, Georgia will be needing another running back to frighten the life out of SEC East defenses in the fall.

The job up for grabs will come between sophomore Ken Malcolme, highly-touted Keith Marshall, and freshman Todd Gurley, ESPN says.

And as for Crowell, here are some schools where we think Crowell might end up:

1) Auburn – Remember what happened when Florida dismissed Cam Newton? We can bet that some parts of The Swamp were thinking: “Why was Urban Meyer so draconian?” Stealing computers will do that to do. Tigers fans? They’re pretty happy with the National Title. Plus, with Michael Dyer leaving, Auburn suddenly needs a jacked-up running game, and Crowell will provide this. The only downside? Auburn recently made the news for shootings. Would Tigers fans – or the press – be keen to see a guy come onto the team who’s had issues in the department?

2) Arkansas State – Would shine in a Gus Malzahn-led offense, and it would be great to see Crowell playing football, but not at FBS level. Also, Arkansas State doesn’t have a problem bringing in guys with troubled pasts, and he could do the job.

3) North Alabama – Janoris Jenkins transferred from Florida after a number of problems, and it wouldn’t surprise us to see Crowell down there.

4) Ole Miss – Hugh Freeze believes in forgiveness and saving souls. What could be better if this soul is Crowell, who can also help the Rebels offense to 3,000 yards and automatically make them better?

5) LSU – After bringing in former UGA QB Zach Mettenberger after he was dismissed from Athens, it’s not like Les Miles isn’t the forgiving type. And he’s pretty forgiving to good players – see Tyrann Mathieu for details last year. So why not Crowell? Plus, he’d be a fantastic addition to Death Valley in the galactic SEC West arms race.

6) Clemson- Great SEC back who would shine at ACC level. With the bad choices that Crowell’s been making, maybe him and Sammy Watkins can grow up a bit together while they think about their own stupidity.


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