The Atlanta media is already fretting about Georgia recruiting, and it isn’t even football season yet.

On the AJC’s website, the paper says: “Derrick Henry: Should UGA be worried about 5-star tailback visiting Alabama?

Henry, you remember, was seen as one of Georgia’s biggest recruiting coups when he plumped for the Bulldogs in July.

But Alabama has four things in its favour. Firstly, the Tide have  just won a National Championship – its second in three years. Secondly, the school’s last two running backs were Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson – who ended up being quite good, by the way. We hear Eddie Lacy could be something special, too. Thirdly, they’ve got the best recruiter/ coach in the land in Nick Saban. No five-star recruit is safe in an opposing school’s stable if Saban’s about. Fourthly, If you’re good and you go with Nick Saban, it virtually guarantees you a big payday in the NFL. Just ask Richardson, Julio Jones, and the Alabama defense.

Henry told ESPN: “I’m very excited because I finally get a chance to see the campus, get the whole nine yards, see the players, talk to them and get their side of it, and meet with the coaches. I’m ready to get down there.”

BOTTOM LINE: No recruit’s safe with Saban about. Anyone in the SEC knows that. And if we’re honest, we think he’s going to flip and wear Crimson. 


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