Former Tennessee Volunteers star running back Jamal Lewis was in bankruptcy court in Atlanta on Tuesday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reported.

Lewis, who had 2,677 yards and 17 yards receiving in three successful years for the Volunteers from 1997-9 – which included a National Championship in 1998, moved to the Baltimore Ravens (and later the Cleveland Browns) where he had a career where he mounted up 10,607 yards rushing and 58 touchdowns.

Lewis was thumped by debts after a string of bad investments, the Baltimore Sun reports in an excellent article, including a house, a transport company and an amusement park – all of which was were crushed by the recession of 2008 that saw many builders, small banks and 401Ks crushed in the tidal wave of the subprime mortgage recession.

According to both publications, Lewis has listed $14.5m in assets and $16.5m debts, and the Sun reports a massive financial fall.

The report says: “Lewis’ financial fall has been steep. In 2010, he reported $1.6 million in income; last year, his income had declined to $300,000, according to the bankruptcy filing. Lewis also reported that he makes $35,000 a month as a consultant, but his expenses were almost as much.

But he also claims $14.5 million in assets, among them several houses, part-ownership of the waterpark and the stalled Grand Empire project — as well as one fur and a Super Bowl ring, valued together at $17,500. He also has $500,000 socked away in a 401(k) investment account, the filing shows.”

The former running back is also one of many NFL players suing the NFL for concussions.



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