Police raiding a house in Montgomery, Alabama where they had been tipped off that alleged shooter Desmonte Leonard was hiding in attic raided the wrong house on Monday night, Reuters has reported.

The location “turned out not to be correct,” FBI spokesman Douglas Astralaga told the news agency.

However, Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson said that the report was not correct. “That is not true. They did not hit the wrong house…I seriously doubt the FBI said that.”

The police are searching for Leonard after three men were killed on Saturday at some apartments near Auburn university – two of them Auburn players Ladarious Phillips and Edward Christian.

After two smoke bombs, police entered the house, but police hadn’t left with anyone, Fox News reported. And the AP reported that police were tearing up the house looking for the killer.

“We still have no explanation for what happened in the attic last night. Nothing at all,” Dawson said.

There is no further information as to how the police raided the incorrect address, as per the Reuters report.

Dawson added that Leonard was still being sought after in Montgomery. “We have no reason to believe he’s anywhere else but Montgomery, Alabama,” he told reporters.

Meanshile, two men were charged by police for hindering the search for the alleged killer. One of them, Jeremy Thomas, is out of bond before he goes on trial for the murder of a 14-year old girl last year.

Dawson also said that it was important to keep a perspective about the ‘wrong house’.  “Why are we focused on that house? We have 3 young men dead,” he said. He added: “When you’re looking for a murderer of 3 young men, it’s not a song-and-dance.”

The report from CBS said: “Police added that they thought that Leonard left before the police could arrive. Officials said it could have been 15 to 20 minutes before officers arrived and they believe he was gone before they got there. They searched the home, but found nothing.”

Murphy said police are looking for a person who reportedly dropped Leonard off at the house.

A $15,000 bounty has been placed on Leonard’s head.

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