Police are still searching for the alleged perpetrator of the bloodbath at Auburn that killed three and injured a number of others on Saturday night.

Multiple reports say that police are hunting for Desmonte Howard, the main suspect facing a triple capital murder rap after he allegedly shot up a party after an argument about a woman. Two former Auburn players РEd Christian and Ladarious Phillips Рwere killed in the shootings, and party attendee Demario Pitts also lost his life. Auburn offensive linesman Eric Mack was also hurt.

According to a report from Al.com, Leonard was charged with theft and carrying a weapon without a permit or license in 2008, as well as second-degree assault in 2009.  He also also sued on Friday for child support for a daughter that it was claimed he fathered in 2011.

Gene Chizik, the Auburn Tigers coach, said in a statement about the deaths: “This is a sad, sad day for everyone associated with the entire Auburn family. I am devastated by the passing of three young men, including two that I personally knew in Ed Christian and Ladarious Phillips and my heart goes out to their families. My thoughts and prayers are with their families and all of the victims involved in this tragic incident.
Nobody should ever have to endure such unimaginable grief, and we will love and support the victims’ families during this terribly difficult time. We have a lot of people on our football team that are hurting right now and we’re going to do everything we can to help them get through this. We are relieved that Eric Mack, who was also a victim in this incident, is expected to make a full recovery. This is a very trying time for everyone involved, and I would just ask that you lift up the victims and their families in your prayers.”
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