Arkansas offensive linesman Jason Peacock has been sent to jail after pleading guilty to taking another student’s debit card and using it to buy $35 of gasoline.

The player – a starter for the Razorbacks – was sentenced to 10 days’ in jail for the theft – a misdemeanor theft charge. The good news for Peacock (if there is any) is that this could stay off his record if he completes his sentence as well as a year’s probation, the Associated Press said.

“He understood he had to be punished. He stepped up and took it like a man,” his lawyer said. “I can tell you he is one of the most remorseful people I’ve ever represented and I’ve been doing this 30 years.”

It is not known if the 6ft 4, 305 lb Peacock will be allowed back onto the Arkansas team after now-departed coach Bobby Petrino suspended him indefinitely in March when he was first arrested.

BOTTOM LINE: If Peacock is suspended for the season, that’s going to hurt QB Tyler Wilson as well as Knile Davis. Expect Peacock to be suspended for four games, as this was just a misdemeanor.


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