We love the SEC Spring Meetings. Whether it’s coaches ranting on about whether student-athletes should be paid to others talking about oversigning, they are generally the first smell of powder, and the first sound of war. The only thing it is missing is fans tailgating before, during and after it in the car park, and a live animal in parking lot.

Anyway, from Tuesday to Thursday it’s the Spring Meeting from Florida, which is going to mean potential RSI for this blog and a lot of information from you guys. Seriously – if you want to find out how Wil Muschamp plans to exorcise last year’s demon in the State of Florida, you’ve come to the right place. Heck, we’ll even have James Franklin’s pep talk  ‘State of The Nation’ about Vanderbilt’s improvement, and Mike Silve’s speech that gets more attention around college football land than Roger Goodell’s in NFL land come Super Bowl time.

Here are some things to watch out for/ bet on:

1) The over/under for the amount of times oversigning is mentioned. We’re going 5, but we might be a little high.

2) Whether anyone mentions Gary Pinkel’s drink driving episode at Missouri. Sorry Gary – did you think we’d forgotten?

3) Mentions that Mike Silve makes about the SEC beating everyone ass-handed at sports this year….extra points for a mention of Georgia’s Phillips Phillips winning American Idol.

4) Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin mentioning the words: “12th Man”. Extra points for the words “national recognition”. Extra extra points if he looks aghast when someone mentions the goddawful Aggies defense last year, that managed to blow more positions than…..[add your own comparison here].

5) Derek Dooley getting asked if he’s nervous about his job.

6) Mark Richt getting asked if he’s nervous about his job.

7) Nick Saban being asked what it’s like to be cloned from Darth Vader. Then Saban popping the reporter a look, and the reporter falling over, clutching his throat.

8) Les Miles getting asked if he actually has a quarterbacking plan this year. Because he didn’t seem to have one at the National Championship Game.

9) Every coach getting asked if they’d welcome more teams into the fray should the conference expand with ReAlignmentGeddon II.

10) Steve Spurrier offering to pay players $500 per match out of his own pocket to play for South Carolina. Extra points if he explains now departed Gamecocks quarterbacks Stephen Garcia’s personal problems in graphic detail. 

11) Joker Phillips and James Franklin saying: “Yes. We believe we can contend for a SEC title this year.”

12) Wil Muschamp simply looking angry about something. He usually does. Don’t mention Charlie Weis.

13) The amount of times people mention Bobby Petrino. We’re going for 10.

Tell us what you think’s going to be mentioned!!



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