The SEC has a TV network, and they aren’t going to be afraid to use it. Just think Big Ten TV, except far, far bigger. It’s going to own the South, and then cross the Mason-Dixie Line and keep going, until even the Canadians say: “Screw the CFL, we’ll just watch SEC TV”.

At the SEC Spring Meetings in Destin, they don’t have a name for the Cash Cow, so they’ve named it “Project X”, with Ole Miss Athletic Director Ross Bjork telling Matt Hayes at SB Nation: “I think it’ll be every bit as big as the Big Ten”. And to start, they should be showing SEC games against Big Ten opponents, since the Big Eleven hasn’t exactly been able to win a lot of those games (you can always forget about Georgia vs Michigan State, though, which was a moral victory for the beauties in the crowd than the stunning collapse on the field).

And apparently, it’s going to be a ‘combination of SEC TV and Digital media’. Oh, OK. And it’ll be a on a subscription format that’ll be painfully expensive, until the fanbases complain and you’ll be able to subscribe to it on proper cable, because conferences got too greedy, too quickly.

THE BOTTOM LINE: We at the SEC Football Blog prefer another name: Project Dough. Why? Because that’s what it’s going to give every school after all the monies are divided up. Vanderbilt (and other schools) should really wait for their new expansions – the TV network’s going to pay for it, after all.

In fact, this whole thing’s so funny that I’m sure that there will be a special Storify about it soon…



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