The biggest scheduling news to come out of the Spring Meetings might not be from Mike Slive but from the Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity, who confirmed that the 2020-1 series between Ohio State and Georgia has been cancelled.

Scheduling website informed SEC Football Blog via Twitter that it had broken the story after a record request from UGA, and that beat reporters had then jumped on the news.

Whoever broke the story – the big word we have about this is: Bummer. The home-and-home could have been an all-time great one.

According to letters, Ohio State cancelled the Memorandum of Understanding, not Georgia. And it’s not going to cost either of the programs money, which is nice. I bet the Buckeyes and Bulldogs fans can’t wait to see their team play Western Kentucky and Idaho as replacements.

FB says that it’s possible that the cancellation was due to the Big Ten and Pac-12 signing a long-term scheduling agreement with each other, starting 2017. Or we’d go with that Gene Smith didn’t want to screw up his school’s National Championship chances by playing anyone good (it’s not how Urban Meyer has won titles with Florida over the years (Can someone name me a good non-conference opponent for the Gators in the past five years, please?)

What’s hilarious is the Twitter conversations slaughtering UGA for cancelling the deal…

@ParrishWalton: So I see UGA’s schedule is now just like UF’s, McGarrity’s last stop. Who wants to see Oregon or OSU on the road anyway.”

Let’s hope that McGarity and Smith are as good as their words and get this game done sometime in the future – these two sides only met once.




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