After rumours, more rumours, and even more rumours about what was going on in the SEC, CBS came out with the big news of the day (that everyone already really knew)…..the conference was close to releasing its 12-year schedules (just in case you were planning to visit your 6-year-old in college that date)…possibly as soon as Friday.

The biggest news amongst this is the confirmation of what will forever be known as the 6-1-1, which will see:

1) 6 intra-division games

2) 1 rotating cross-division match-up (meaning you’ll see Georgia vs LSU once every six years if they don’t play for the SEC Title)

3) 1 ‘permanent’ cross-division match-up.

The permanent match-up is the most interesting, as they’ll feature Georgia vs Auburn, Alabama vs Tennessee, LSU vs Florida, Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt, South Carolina vs Texas A&M, ¬†Arkansas vs Missouri and…..(deep breath) Mississippi State vs Kentucky, according to CBS.

In order of excitement of the above, we’re now drooling over:

1) LSU vs Florida

2) Georgia vs Auburn

3) Arkansas vs Missouri

4) Alabama vs Tennessee

5) South Carolina vs Texas A&M

6) Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt

7) MSU vs Kentucky

Anyway, expect the announcement Friday.

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